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Your Business Might Need To Break Up With Facebook

Yes, I said it.

Some businesses do not have a need for a Facebook marketing plan. We have been programmed to think that all businesses must have a Facebook Business page and active advertising strategy in order to succeed online.

The truth is, Facebook works wonders for some type of businesses, but not others. Don’t feel pressured to jump on the Facebook bandwagon just because Moe’s BBQ Emporium down the street has a thriving Facebook page.

Moe’s Facebook page may have been a valiant success for a variety of reasons. For all you know, all of the likes and engagement on Moe’s page are only from his friends, family, and “purchased” likes from outside of his target market — not genuine customers. 

Your business may not be meant for Facebook, and that is perfectly fine. With all of the other social media channels available, your business will be just fine without a Facebook business page.

Facebook is best for businesses that need to target a specific group of people who are likely to make an impulse action. If your service or product doesn’t make sense in that environment, you may not be the best fit for Facebook.

Your Industry Simply Isn’t Suited For Facebook

Are you the owner of an industrial plant? Perhaps your business is highly specialized in the engineering field. Sometimes the type of business you run just isn’t cut out for Facebook.

Be honest with yourself and your company. Ask yourself, “What person in their right mind would want to connect online with a sewage plant or (insert your business here)?” Certain businesses, such as clothing lines, restaurants, and even marketing agencies are great for Facebook. Yours, and dont take this the wrong way, just isn’t.

Evaluate your industry and see what your competitors are doing. Remember, there’s a difference between being on Facebook and being active on Facebook. If your competitors are just on Facebook and not actively engaging with users (or severly lack users), take it as a sign that Facebook may not be your best social media option.

But You’re In Luck

There are a gazillion (yes, a whole gazillion) of social networks available to businesses.

From YouTube to LinkedIn to SlideShare and beyond, your business has options; so don’t worry about not being on Facebook and find the social network that works for you.

Social media isn’t a ‘one channel fits all’ solution. Industries with highly visual processes and products benefit from networks such as YouTube, Vimeo and Pinterest. On the contrary, industries that are more technical and information driven find success with SlideShare, Google Plus and LinkedIn.

We use Facebook for the majority of our clients because it works best for their product, service, and industry. In addition, it gives us the ability to target a very precise audience and easily measure the results. While this works for our clients, it may not work best for you.

Each social media channel has a specific purpose.

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For example, LinkedIn is geared towards professionals looking to connect and share information with others in their particular industry, while Pinterest is for sharing high quality images and content across a wide selection of topics. There is a social network out there for your business, you just have to go out there and find it.

Your Customers Aren’t On Facebook Either

To determine if you should use Facebook, figure out what you will use your Facebook business page for. If you can’t come up with an answer other than exposure, you need to reconsider your decision to use Facebook.

While online exposure is valuable, there are other social media networks designed for your industry that will increase exposure and sales at the same time.

Why are these social media channels better for your business than Facebook?

The answer is simple — your customers are there! If your customers are not on Facebook, you’re just wasting time and money trying to reach out to an audience that does not exist.

To determine what social media channel your customers are using, simply do your research. From asking your customers which social media channels they prefer to use, to engaging in extensive market research, there are many ways to find your answer.

In fact, to see if your customers are using Facebook, you can do a Facebook search. You can search by employment status and titles, their name, age, interaction with specific applications and so much more. Can’t find anything? There’s your answer.

Don’t join a specific social network just because someone says to or everyone else is. Join a social network because it will greatly benefit your business AND customers in the long run.

Does Your Business Gain Customers Via Facebook?

Think about your sales process and channels. Is Facebook part of the process?

Many businesses use trained distributors to provide their products to clients. Others have customers come to them out of necessity. Some businesses have to rely on Facebook to generate sales and customers. If your business is doing great without it and your sales will increase without it, why waste time?

Specific types of businesses thrive and rely on customer interaction in order to have a constant flow of sales. Does your business? No? Then skip Facebook and find a better social media channel that works for you! 

Social Media Is Important!

While you may not need Facebook, it is important to have a social media and online marketing plan for your business, regardless of the industry. Social media provides more than brand exposure, it also offers:

  • Assistance in improving your search rankings
  • A way for customers to contact your business
  • A place to promote products, services and new content

No matter what social media plan or channel you choose to pursue, make sure you have a well thought out and feasible strategy. While Facebook may not be the ideal option for your business, you have plenty of other networks to test out, so get started!

Your social media strategy requires a great deal of time, attention and resources. Are you able to take time out of your busy daily schedule, focus on your social media strategy and run a business? Titan Web Marketing Solutions offers various plans for small business owners ready to make the leap into social media. Whether you choose to use Facebook or another platform, we can help!