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Why You Need to Shop Locally On Small Business Saturday and All Year Long


My love for small businesses and entrepreneurship all started in a small coffee shop in Connecticut where I held my first job.

Aside from the free coffee and access to cupcakes, I had the opportunity to see how a small business could benefit a local community. Through this experience, I saw how massive of an impact this little coffee shop and bakery had on the community.

How many small businesses can you name off the top of your head? Now think of how many of those businesses you regularly shop at. A much smaller number, right? 

In 2010, American Express launched Small Business Saturday to drive customers to small businesses and stimulate local economies around the country. American Express customers who took part in this event received a reward, such as $25.

However, you shouldn’t need to be persuaded to shop at your local businesses. You should support small businesses all year long. As American Express puts it, “Your small businesses are there for you. Will you be there for them?”

Small Businesses Hire Local Employees

The national unemployment rate is declining, and small businesses are the main reason for that. Small businesses hire local employees, of all ages and experience levels. When you bring your business to local stores, you’re helping to reduce the unemployment rate of your city or community. As the shops get busier, they’ll need more employees to help them thrive!

Small Businesses Shop Local Too

In order to operate, small businesses need supplies. To support their small business community, small business owners choose to shop local as well. From office supplies to picking up coffee for their staff, small business owners will choose local stores for all their shopping needs. No matter if the entrepreneur owns an auto repair shop or an accounting firm, they support other local businesses in order to help the community and economy flourish.

After all, it’s in their best interest to help their community grow. The more individuals that live and shop in the area, the greater opportunity the small business owner has for bringing new customers into their.

Local Businesses Support Local Communities and Economies

When a small business owner starts a business, she/he hires local employees. As the business begins to grow, so does the size of their staff — which means more local employment opportunities. As their sales increase, so do their local taxes. Those local taxes help grow and support your town through better roads, parks, schools and other funds.

When you shop local, your money supports your local residents, businesses, and community as a whole. How awesome is that? 

Small Business Owners are Passionate About Their Business

Small business owners open their businesses for a multitude of reasons. Yet, the most prominent reason for launching a business is their passion for what they do. Whether they own a hardware store or created an innovative product, these professionals are truly invested in and motivated by what they do.

Would you rather spend your money helping a small business prosper or give your money to a massive corporation such as Wal-Mart?  I don’t know about you, but I’d feel much better knowing that my money is helping an entrepreneur accomplish his or her dreams and expand the wellbeing of our community.

Get Out There And Support Small Businesses!


When Small Business Saturday happens, get out there and shop at your local small businesses! Whether you buy a cup of coffee from that quaint little coffee shop on the corner of your town square, or buy your lawn care supplies from a local garden shop, your sale will help support small businesses and your local economy at the same time.

You don’t have to wait until November 28th to shop local. Shop today, tomorrow or whenever you’d like. Support small businesses all year long! 

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