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What does the 2014 Internet Trends Report Mean for Small Businesses?

Mary Meeker, an Internet analyst and investor at Kleiner Perkins, recently presented her 2014 Internet Trends Report at the Code Conference on May 28, 2014. Much of the presented data related to social trends and Internet usage statistics, and the changing and lasting affect these trends will have on our world. At first glance, it may seem as though this data may only be useful to large businesses with the capital to act upon these results. This is simply not true. Throughout the entire presentation, one concept was clear – the need for all businesses to be online.

Join in the Growth

Right off the bat, Mary Meeker began her presentation demonstrating the growth of Internet users, mobile users, and tablet users.


As you can see from this image and the image below, the level mobile and tablet users is only increasing. This presents business owners with the opportunity and need to reach their current and future customers via these platforms.


For small businesses, Meeker’s presentation solidifies the ideology that the business world is rapidly shifting online and relying on these mediums for sales and success. In fact, mobile accounts for 25% of total web usage. Let’s say your business has a website – great! Is that website optimized for mobile devices? Can your consumers easily find your company on the Internet using their smartphones and tablets? The rise in users of these mediums is forcing businesses to rethink their websites and online marketing efforts.

If you read through Meeker’s entire presentation, you will find data detailing how technology is shaping our lives. From using Uber to hail a ride, to searching for restaurants via Yelp, technology is shifting the way we as human beings operate daily. As a small business owner, these changes and trends also affect your sales and business. After all, your customers are humans, aren’t they?


Improve Your User Interface

One of my favorite slides details the death of poor user interfaces:


This not only translates to the many apps on the market, but also the success of your business online. Think about the website you have for your business currently. Is it easy for customers to navigate? Can users easily interact with your website and business? If not, it looks like you and your business will be joining that group of tombstones soon, unless you make changes and fast.

The Need For Creating and Distributing Content


Have you heard ‘Content is King’? Well, it is. According to Meeker, with the increasing amount of screens we use and interact with per day (mobile, desktop, laptop, tablet, TV, etc.), captivating and original content is more important than ever. For small businesses, breaking through the multitude of noise can be difficult, but is still necessary.

Throughout her presentation, Meeker also noted the evident rise of images and video in content. These were by the most shared types of content, in addition to being the most well received types of content. By finding and creating images and videos for your small business to share with your online and even in-store fans, you’ll find success through increased engagement, more website visits and ultimately sales.

One point that resonated with most at the Code Conference was the statement, “An audience tunes in when they’re told to, a fan base choose when and what to watch. An audience changes the channel when their show is over, a fan base will share, comment, create…”

In this particular situation, Meeker was discussing the combination of TV and social networks. But it directly applies to small businesses too. Think of the ‘audience’ as your new or uncommitted customers, and the fan base as your loyal customers. You want to ideally convert the uncommitted customers into part of your fan base and then keep them active through social media and other methods.

The Future of Advertising Online

Another interesting point was the rise in mobile monetization through advertising and applications. From social media advertisements to pay-per-click campaigns, small businesses have the ability to set a specific online and mobile advertising budget and see results. In fact, mobile advertising has risen by 47% to account for 11% of all advertising. When trying to reach customers on a mobile platform, advertisements may be a good option for your small business.

Be sure to take the time and go through Mary Meeker’s report for yourself and see just how the Internet is changing the face of business, how we interact as humans, and so much more.

After reading the report and deciding that your business needs to get online, and fast, contact the team at Titan Web Marketing Solutions. We’ll build you a solid brand, interactive website, engaging social media strategy and so much more.

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