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What Are Deep Links?

SEO involves many different terms and concepts that not everyone understands. One of the terms that comes up but can often be overlooked in link building is the concept known as Deep Links. Deep links are a fairly simple concept to understand though.

How Do Deep Links Work?

Just as people use different techniques such as article marketing, website directories, social bookmarking and so on to build links to a websites homepage these same techniques can be used to build deep links to the content within a website.

Suppose, for example, your website has a lot of content within it that you would like people to know about. Articles, blog posts or products you may have for sale all qualify as content. All of this content exists on separate pages with URL’s all of their own. Building deep links to these individual pages instead of linking to your home page is known as deep linking.

What’s the Point of Deep Links?

So, why would we want to link to pages on a website other than the home page? The answer is fairly simple.

There are many reasons that people may want to visit your website and often one of those reasons exist on the pages within the website. Your content is what they may be searching for not just your home page.

Building deep links is about creating links to pages within a website. Think of it as bringing website visitors in through the back door (your pages). Not everyone needs to enter through the front door (your homepage). The important thing is to get them to come through a door in the first place.

The concept of deep linking cannot be overlooked when promoting a website and the content within. Content has always been a key component to building website traffic but just having the content is not enough. You need to expose that website content to as many people as possible. Building deep links will help you expose that content to search engines.