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Want a Website? Get Ready to Be Part of the Village.

We’ve all heard the phrase, “It takes a village to raise a child”. In the life of a child, they have multiple role models influencing their choices, behaviors and values. Each role model plays a unique role in helping the child be successful and happy in life.

Did you know that this same concept applies to creating and launching a website?

If you had to guess how many people are involved in the website design and development process, what would you guess? Is your number low? High? While the numbers range depending upon the complexity of the website and the client, the answer is always more than one.

The concept of a village reigns especially true in a marketing agency. With many online and traditional marketing options available, the village continues to grow in order to meet and exceed client goals.

To demonstrate just how many people are involved in creating a website, let’s walk through the website design and development process at Titan Web Marketing Solutions.

The Initiation


The initiation phase can start in one of three ways:

  • Someone from Titan Web Marketing Solutions reached out to the prospective client.
  • The client realized they either needed a website or a redesigned website and reached out to us.
  • The client happened to stumble upon our business and decided to see how we can help.

Regardless of which scenario ensued, our Account Manager always talks to the prospective client to learn more about their business and website needs. After the conversation between our Account Manager and the client has concluded, the village population has been initiated.

Village population: 2


The Creative Conversation

After the client grants Titan Web Marketing Solutions permission to create and build their website, the creative conversation is scheduled. During this conversation, the Creative Director and Content Director meet with the client to learn more about the brand, their goals, and what the website needs to accomplish.

Village population: 4


The Drafting Phase

Now the fun part begins. Our content and design teams get to work drafting copy, sketching designs and creating several website drafts. Did we mention that our search engine optimization team is doing industry and client research to get ahead? For the sake of the example, let’s say one person from each department is assigned to this website project.

Village population: 7


The Approval Process

After all of the hard work, creativity and concentration have been put into the drafts, they are sent to the client for approval. Depending on the client, they may show others the drafts to get an outside opinion. In this case, our hypothetical client showed the website draft to two additional employees to gain their opinion.

Village population: 9


The Build

Woohoo! The client approved the website draft – copy, design and all. Now it’s time for the technical part — building the website. In comes our trusty website developer to get the job done.

Village population: 10


The Final Steps

At Titan Web Marketing Solutions, our search engine optimization makes sure that the website is optimized for the correct keywords and is ready to launch. During this process, we employ the services of at least one more search strategist to get this website ready.

In addition, the website is checked over multiple times by the client, the entire marketing team, and the developer prior to launch. Upon final approval, the website is launched and live for the world to see and use.

Village population: 11+


So, What’s The Point Of This Village?

Every person in the village plays a vital role in the website development and design process. Without one person, the entire project would not be completed properly and the process would be turbulent and frustrating. While this example was a brief (and I mean brief) overview of the process, the concept can be applied to print pieces, social media campaigns, and anything you do to promote your business.

Imagine you live in a real village. Every individual in your village has a specialized role, such as a farmer, a builder, a hunter, a gatherer — you get the picture. If one person leaves the village or does not complete their job, the entire village experiences the repercussions.

Let’s say that you are a farmer and decide to move your family to an entirely different village. As a result, your original village starves to death. A morbid example, but it’s the same as a website! If the website designer is out of the picture, there’s no way a website can happen.

In addition to playing a role in the village, each member of the village is responsible if something goes wrong. If there is a spelling error on the website or the information is incorrect on the final print piece, don’t blame one person — blame the village. From the client to the designers to the technical team, if the mistake was not caught at all – the blame is on the entire village.

If You’re In The Village, Be Patient

Since this process applies to all types of marketing projects, it’s important to remember to be patient. From eons of back and forth conversations to what seems like years of drafts are all inevitable when developing a website.

Like most people, you may be thinking, “Why can’t the process be quicker?”

Asking that question is the equivalent of asking why it takes so long to build a home. You’re investing in a website, just as you invest in a home. Personally, I would rather invest my money in a quality website, rather than one that was thrown together quickly. The same goes for investing in a beautiful and sturdy home! If you find a company that claims to be able to create a website in a shockingly short amount of time, run far away.

If you’re about to build a website for your company, get ready to be a part of the exciting and crazy village.

And yes, that’s really what the Titan Web Marketing Solutions team looks like! So if you’re in need of anything like a website, print materials, SEO, logo, social media advertising or posting, video production, or email marketing, give us a call or fill out a contact form to get started!

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