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The Importance of the About Us Page and How to Improve Yours

Nearly all websites have an “About Us” page of sorts. Typically, this particular web page provides visitors with a snapshot of your company, your employees, and your culture. Do you realize just how important and influential this page is? From impacting the sales process, to having a direct effect on your business reputation, it all starts with the About Us page.

The Importance of the About Us page

Brand Image

The About Us page is at the core of your brand image. Customers looking for more information about your business or brand will turn to this page to learn more. With that said, be sure that the languages, images, colors, and even the organization and format of the page are consistent with your branding efforts and accurately portray your brand image. As you know, brand consistency is of the utmost importance, especially online.

Gain the customer’s trust

When communicating with potential customers, it is important to establish a mutual trust in order to close the deal and continue the customer relationship. Unfortunately, you cannot always be right in front of your prospective leads. With your About Us page, you can effectively gain the trust of a potential client by describing your company culture, processes, environment and more. Think of it this way – let’s say you are looking for an accountant to take care of some very important financial information. You would go straight to the About Us page to learn whether or not you could trust the accountant’s services and business. When your customers are considering your business products or services, I guarantee that they will do the exact same thing.

Central Traffic Location

Did you know that the About Us page is one of the most visited pages on a website? It’s true. Your customers do want to learn more about your products and services, but they also want to know all about you and the company they will be dealing with. As your most popular page, you want your business to be represented in a positive and enticing light.

Where the customer relationship begins

As the most visited page on your website, this is your opportunity to begin a long lasting customer relationship. Regardless of how your customer got to your website, this is your chance to solidify the relationship. Your About Us page should reel the customer in and hook them.


How to improve your About Us page

Always be honest and no puffery!

Remember, your About Us page should always be honest. If you bend the truth on your About Us page, how will your customer be able to trust you? For legal reasons and for the sake of your brand image and reputation, never blatantly lie, engage in puffery, or stretch the truth in order to gain a customer from your About Us page. Honesty is always the best policy. Remember, customers have the ability to alter your online reputation with the push of a button on a business review website. If your About Us page says one thing, and reality says another, you are in for quite a surprise.

Be yourself

Your brand voice should shine on your About Us page. For example, if your company culture encourages innovation, creativity, fun and excitement, then display that in the wording and design of the page. Your customers want to learn about you, so show them who you really are!

Update regularly

Throughout the years, your company will experience a multitude of changes. You’ll change locations, gain new employees, add products or services, participate in community service projects and more. Your About Us page should be up-to-date with relevant company information and news at all times. If your original employees from several years ago are still highlighted on your About Us page, it’s time for a change my friend.

Use real photos

One of the biggest mistakes you can make on your About Us page is to use stock photos instead of real photos of your company and employees. Your website visitors know that the overly happy, good looking business employees wearing the finest suits and shaking hands are not part of your organization – especially when they just saw that same exact picture on another website. Your clients and customers hopefully will be visiting your establishment soon after viewing your website. When they walk into your business and it doesn’t look like it did on your website, just imagine their disappointment and confusion. With that, you will have lost a potential customer, because of your About Us page.

Go back to your business’s website and take a good look at your About Us page. Where can you improve? What should you delete? Is it an accurate representation of the company and brand?

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