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Tell Your Brand’s Story With 4 Imagery Ideas

With the rise of Instagram and Pinterest, it should come as no surprise that visual content receives the most engagement in comparison to other types of content.

As an agency, it can be a bit mind-boggling when a client informs us that they were not using imagery to engage their audience. Simple text posts are a thing of the past, and have difficulty capturing the attention of your target audience. 

Would you be prone to reading a long text post in your Facebook feed? Probably not. Instead, you’d scroll right past it. 

Although text content once dominated the Internet, times have changed.

Applications such as Pinterest and Instagram allow users to post photos and other imagery with little to no text. Soon, we may have no immediate need for words at all on social media.

Why Use Imagery?

When we read stories as a child, what type of books did we start with? Picture books. Why? Because the imagery assisted in conveying the story and was easy to comprehend.

Think about the last article you read. Chances are that you cannot remember the article word for word. Will you remember every word from this article? What you may remember is the corresponding image.

In addition to being easy to understand, we enjoy interacting with imagery online. A Harvard Business School study estimated that approximately 70% of the activities occurring on Facebook involve uploading, sharing and engaging with photos. 

Since consumers enjoy having photos on their newsfeed, this gives brands the opportunity to connect with their audience.

Imagery also provides brands with the ability to tell their story in an appealing manner. Imagine having the opportunity to connect with your target audience in a matter of seconds – you can with imagery.

Did you know that according to Fast Company, 44% of customers are more apt to interact with a brand online if they share images? Without images as part of your social media strategy, it will be difficult to entice engagement from your audience.

How To Use Imagery On Social Media

The possibilities for photography and graphics are endless. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Brand Your Images

To successfully use imagery on social media, it is in your best interest to brand your images. Whether you use your signature colors, company logo, or even a mini watermark in the corner, include some aspect of your brand in the shared picture or graphic.

When a fan shares an image on Facebook, it is possible that your original status will not continue on with the shared image. Some users may only share the picture and not the text status.

Without your recognizable brand on the shared photo, social media users will not know the image is associated with your brand.

Branding your imagery in some fashion can assist in raising awareness and loyalty for your brand. Online consumers will quickly recognize your brand and be apt to interact with your business social media page.

Provide an Inside Look

With the rise of social media over the past several years, customers now expect brands to be transparent online. Although you do not need to post a picture of your latest financial report, you can post imagery that provides your audience with an inside look at your brand.

In today’s world, consumers are interested in the culture of a business. We’ve all heard of the creative culture at businesses such as Google,, and Starbucks. Why do we know about their culture? Because they show us what it is like to work for their company through imagery. 

For instance, if you take a look at the Titan Web Marketing Solutions Facebook page, you’ll get a glimpse of what life is like at our company. 

Our Facebook fans are able to see how we allow dogs (and hedgehogs) in the office, our crazy creative antics, and how proud we are of our clients’ success. Do we disclose every intricate detail about our day? Nope, but you still understand what we value, our goals and who our team members are.

Run a Promotion

While fans on social media do not want to be bombarded with coupons and sales tactics, you can still use social media to run a promotion for your business. How do you do this? With imagery.

Instead of the tacky “ENTER TO WIN NOW!” approach, use high quality imagery that your fans can emotionally connect to.

For instance, perhaps your brand is giving away tickets to the nearby amusement park to a lucky fan of your Facebook page. Use photos of a family enjoying a roller coaster or a couple on the ferris wheel to capture the attention of your audience. Combine this with Facebook advertising and BAM! You’ve got yourself a successful promotion.

Video is Imagery Too!

Do you know what a large sum of sequential images is called? Video.

Guess what? People loooove video, especially as online content.

Every social media platform supports images and video, so why not combine the two for an unstoppable online presence?

Simple videos can garner a wide variety of interaction from your fans. Remember, make sure that your videos are of professional quality. No one likes a shaky smartphone video on a business page!

The fact is, to be successful on social media, your brand needs to incorporate imagery into the strategy. Should you need help gathering photos and content, or have no idea how to plan a strategy, you know who to call.