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Strategies for Marketing on Pinterest

Pinterest is a vivacious community. The people that get involved with Pinterest tend to get really into it and as such the community is growing rapidly. Business insider confirms that picture-centric site has 25 million active users. In the world of social media this is actually a fairly small base of dedicated users but it is a notoriously active community. In the fashion and retail sectors (the two largest areas on Pinterest) 70 percent of brand exposure and repinning is done through community users and not the brands themselves, reports Digitas. Despite all the conscious marketing efforts companies can commit to, it is the organic desire to share that makes up the majority of Pinterest’s success and networking.

For certain retailers who target women Pinterest is a dream come true. That’s because the site has a huge user base of females, and they actively follow an average of 9.3 brands and pin 2,257 total times, the company claims. Pinterest is a major entity in the marketing world, through the user base that inherently wants to share, all the way to the refined and tightly knit community.

The Basics of Pinterest

Understanding how Pinterest functions is paramount to marketing with it. The site is built like a pinboard. Individuals get an account page, and they explore other users pinboards. They then can pin content (such as an image, link, or video) on their own boards where it will be displayed and noted on all other follower’s boards.

It is a visual community. Users can find other users, explore their boards, and see what they like, follow, and pin. Users can create multiple boards separated by categories, and users can offer group access to the same board for sharing ideas and cool web pins.

A Visual Community

Pinterest is upheld by a visual array, or assault. The rapid spreading of content is facilitated through the design of Pinterest, which encourages quick scrolling, quick linking, and quick pinning. Content appears instantly when scrolling down, and a single button available at the top left of every pin will allow users to repin it ,as well as share it.

Business owners and marketers can use this to their advantage by finding the visual sense in their brand. Pinteresting marketing pins of iAcquire Phx are built on the appeal and design sensibilities of the best digital marketing trends in the industry. The entire brand is built on a content marketing strategy that takes advantage of visuals, SEO and sharable content.

Social Media Today recommends showing the branding behind the scenes, including pins about staff agents, the local environment, and your chosen industry as a whole. This allows users to see a human connection that goes beyond the product or service. The online resource further suggests adding accompanying visuals, such as how the product or service could alter the home, or fit into a new lifestyle.

Hero Arts is a brand all about craft items. So it only makes sense that the majority of the brand’s Pinterest page is tutorials about making neat crafts, and not, say, new sales items, generic photos, special coupon deals. The value is in offering something interactive and connective to the brand.

Extending Beyond Facebook

When Sony launched its active and updated Pinterest marketing strategy, traffic from Pinterest to the corporate website increased 900 percent, the company claims. But this was not accomplished independently of Pinterest. Sony posted its new and updated Pinterest page to its Twitter followers, and then to Facebook.

Forbes details that it is all about integrating the various social media resources, because there are entirely too many to juggle them all exclusively. Determine if Pinterest is a match for your brand. If it is visual based, fits the demographic user base of Pinterest, and you have a strategy, it should be a good choice. But an inactive or abandoned social media presence is worse than not starting one at all, notes Authority Publishing. It leaves a dead end for those exploring a brand, and will likely encourage them not to back track.

If you’re not taking advantage of Pinterest but think it might help your business then now might be the time to take a look. But be warned, it has a way of sucking people in.