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What Social Media KPIs Matter to Your Business?

When you think of social media, you may not be aware of all the key performance indicators (KPIs) that exist in order to measure your business’s success. When it comes to using social media KPIs to track accounts, it’s important to look beyond what’s on the surface. Be sure to dig a little deeper than your “like” and “follower” counts in order to get a sense of your audience and what’s working. 

As with anything, some social media KPIs will matter to your business while others are less important. So which KPIs should you be tracking? Below are some of the KPIs you should be analyzing when it comes to your business and its social media performance.      

Mentions and Tags 

Are people talking about you? If your business has caused some type of emotion that’s greater than the average experience (good or bad), you just might get a mention. 

Not only will keeping track of mentions let you know how many people are talking about you, but also what they’re talking about. If they’re saying great things and tagging your business and location to share, keep up the good work! If the sentiments are negative, though, this feature suddenly becomes detrimental. Instead of growing your business, social media could be shrinking it by mistake. It’s important to find these things out in order to remedy a problem before it spirals out of control.  


This is the number of people your post has the potential to reach when you factor in all of the retweets and shares it has received. Retweets and shares are one of the surface level measurements talked about above, but they become much more when you look into all of the audiences a post can be extended to through them. If one individual shares a post to their 400 followers, think about all of the people who retweeted and shared it. Suddenly, the post has been opened to many networks of people. Once again, remember that reach gives the maximum number of people who could have potentially seen your post. Surely, not everyone in that “reach” did, but this is still a great KPI to consider. 

Referral Traffic 

How are most people accessing your social media pages? Are social links being shared elsewhere, thus leading to an increased number of visitors? This can also be looked at conversely — how many people reach your website by way of your social media accounts? When you look at the statistics and discover patterns, you’ll be able to maximize the ways in which you continue to share links and direct traffic.   


Don’t just skim over the comments section. Be sure to actually read what they have to say. Comments can provide a great deal of insight on people’s perception of your business. The great thing about comments is that you’ll receive a notification for when they come through, and as a small business owner, this shouldn’t be too overwhelming to keep up with. Interact with your audience and make it genuine; in most situations, you should avoid setting up automatic comment responses.  

Active Users 

It’s one thing for people to like your page and it’s completely another for them to interact with its posts on a regular basis. There are many people who “like” pages but never return to engage with the content that’s posted. Technically, you’re not reaching these people. With Facebook’s “Unfollow” feature, avoiding a page’s content is easier than ever. 

Pay attention to your active users. An active user is defined as someone who engages with your content or visits your page at least once a month.  

Video Views 

Videos have come a long way. From live streaming to real-time commentary and reactions, videos are becoming a popular way to capture people’s attention over social media. This is especially true with the autoplay feature. 

When looking at videos, observe more than just to the viewer count. What did you want the video to achieve? For example, if your video contains a call to action, see if your business has gained leads as a result. 

Analyzing Social Media Accounts

If you’re running a business, you should be using social media KPIs to observe and understand how your accounts are performing. By paying attention to these indicators you can improve the ways in which you connect with your audience. Choose the KPIs that are applicable to your accounts and consistently track them to measure successes over time. 

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