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If you don’t have the time to invest in search engine marketing yet are still looking for a faster way to get to the top of search results, then pay per click might be right for your business.

Pay per click ads might be more expensive over time, but they are the quickest way of putting you ahead of your competitors in the search results. Our search marketing team is certified by Google and Bing, so you can rest assured that we know how to implement a PPC campaign that will generate leads for your business.

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Step 1: Research

Before your campaign even starts, our search marketing team will research your keyword goals for the locations you want to target. We will ensure your money isn’t spent on wasted clicks from irrelevant, low-converting keywords or users outside of your area.

Step 2: Design

PPC isn’t about just who to target and where; it’s also about well-designed landing pages. Once your ads are clicked on, you will need a landing page that is to-the-point and stylized to your brand. This will increase your ads’ conversion rates.

Step 3: Monitor and Modify

Our team will continue to monitor how your ads are performing once they are launched. We’ll make any necessary modifications to your campaign to ensure your ads are being served efficiently. The ultimate goal is to generate quality leads, so that ads pay for themselves and then some! Once your PPC campaign is profitable, we will continually optimize your campaign for even better performance over time.

Using PPC to Your Advantage

Pay Per Click Advertising provides business owners with leads who are invested in either purchasing or learning more about your product or service. To do so, your search marketing team will complete the following:

  • Ad Copy Focused on Generating Leads and Sales
  • Landing Pages Custom Designed for Higher Conversions
  • Continuous A/B Split Testing of Ad Copy
  • Conference Call to Discuss AdWords Strategy
  • Campaign Setup with Local Geo-Targeting
  • Customized AdWords Settings
  • AdWords Ad Extensions for Local Businesses
  • Extensive Keyword Research Focused on Leads and Sales
  • Competitor, Market and Industry Research
  • Monthly Reporting and Meetings to Discuss Progress

When you want a pure focus on lead generation and increased sales, utilize pay per click advertising with assistance from a Certified Google Partner — also known as your marketing team!

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Search Marketing is not the only way to generate leads online.