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Sales Tactics That Are Too Scary to Ever Use

We’ve all dealt with our fair share of sales people. As persistent and pompous as some may be, our world wouldn’t be the same without them. Businesses wouldn’t be thriving, products and services wouldn’t be sold, and we wouldn’t know about how awesome product XYZ is and why we need it TODAY!

In the sales realm, there are sales superstars. These are the professionals who understand their customers, act like a human and not a commission machine, and refuse to use any of the following scary sales tactics. Quick tip for those training to be sales professionals: make sure you never, ever use one of these sales tactics…ever.

Talking Over The Client

This is one of my personal pet peeves. Regardless of what I am purchasing, if the individual attempting to sell me on the product or service feels the need to overpower my thoughts with a louder voice and more words, I immediately lose interest in whatever I was so close to buying.

When you talk over your client (or future sale), not only is it incredibly rude, it sends a signal of “Hey. I really don’t care what you’re saying. I just care about closing this deal. That’s it. What’s your name again? I wasn’t paying attention.”

If you really want to close the sale, listen to your client. Fact: if you listen to your clients, you’ll be able to help them more in the long run anyway! By listening, you’ll understand their needs, be able to come up with a solution, and have a greater chance of closing the deal.

Over-promising and Failing

Listen, if you want to succeed in sales or any industry for that matter, it’s best for you to keep your promises. Alternatively, you will be far better at sales if you are honest and do not over-promise!

If you tell a client, “Of course I can get a billion new customers in your store for only a penny”, good luck my friend. Overpromising just to get some cash and a closed sale is not the way to go. The minute you drop the ball, you lose their trust and ultimately their money.

What’s more important in the long run – that little sale or a lasting business relationship and a future recommendation?

Forgetting to Follow Up

Quick tip: it’s a pretty standard practice to follow up with your client in some capacity after a meeting.

Whether you choose to send a quick email listing the next steps or decide to call later to simply review the previous meeting, a little goes a long way. Following up with your client shows them that you care about their well being. Plus how hard is it to send a quick email? All you have to do is say:

Hi John Doe,
It was great meeting with you yesterday. As discussed, my team will do ABC at a price of $123. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me anytime.

If you can add your personality or an inside joke to the email, great! The more personal you can make the email and conversation, the better your chances of closing a deal are. Show your clients that you genuinely care, and they will stop seeing you as the big, bad, scary salesperson!

Should you forget to follow up with your future and current clients, it tells clients, “Hey, I’m far too busy to care about your needs right now. Actually, I just wanted your money and completely forgot about following up with you. I’m going to sit here and twiddle my thumbs at my desk instead.”

Have fun trying to get a promotion with that mindset!

Hustle Client, Hustle!

Let’s get something straight. 9 times out of 10, you close a sale because someone needs the services/products you are offering. Correct? When you leave them to do all the work, what’s the point? They hired your company, via your sale, for a reason! They need whatever assistance or benefit your company can provide them. Regardless of what your company does, if your client does all the work, why would they need to hire you and your company?

It’s all right to ask a client to do a few things here and there such as a little research or insight, but if they are taking charge of the entire sales process and business relationship – you’re doing your job wrong! Your client shouldn’t have to work in order to benefit from your product or service. The only exception is if you are a personal trainer; in which case, make them work all you want.

Instead of horrifying your clients this Halloween (and all year long!), be a tremendous salesperson and rid yourself of these scary sales tactics!

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