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Redesign Your Boring Business Card and Never Be Forgotten

Networking is a key part of being a professional or entrepreneur in any industry. Without this practice, our businesses would not grow and our careers would be stagnant. As you enter a room of business professionals, you cannot help but feel excited to meet new people and make strides in your career. However, you can’t help but feel as though something is weighing you down. As you converse with individuals and exchange business cards, you have a shocking revelation:

Your business card is boring.


At a single networking event, consider how many business cards you collect. Chances are that your business card blends right in with all the other business cards being distributed at the event. With this revelation, you begin to wonder how you will stand out from the crowd. Will your infectious and engaging personality be enough for your new connections to remember you?

Your business card needs a facelift and fast. Try these four ways to revamp your business card design.

Use Your Industry to Your Advantage

One way to spice up your business card is to consider the industry you are in and play off of that concept. For instance, let’s imagine that you own a gardening supply store and are at a networking event looking for someone to help you with your marketing efforts. Business cards are only a little smaller than an individual pack of seeds, correct? Why not have a business card that is a small pack of seeds with your logo and contact information on it? This design concept will make you stand out from the crowd and demonstrate your passion for the industry.

One of our branding clients needed an impressive set of business cards to match his new website, brand and other marketing initiatives. This client assists with payment processing services, and what better way to represent this than with a business card that looked like a credit card.

From the shape to the font used for the information, all aspects of the business card related to the client’s service. By using the client’s industry and business concept as inspiration, we were able to design a stunning business card that allowed the client to stand out when networking and meeting new connections.

Have a Jaw-Dropping Design

How many white business cards with simple lettering have you received throughout your career? Hundreds? Thousands? Too many to count? The fact is, although these business cards are considered traditional and ‘standard’, they often get shoved in a desk drawer, never to surface again.

Do you really want your business card to be tossed aside?

With a stunning business card design, you can portray a positive image about you, your company and your career. In addition, your business card will be memorable and leave a lasting impression with your new-found connections, in comparison to those that go unnoticed. There are multiple ways to improve your business card simply by revamping or manipulating the:

  • Color
  • Layout
  • Content
  • Font
  • Images/Icons
  • And more

It’s simple – are you more likely to remember a bland business card or one that jumps out you with a stunning design?

Ignite Interest

A standard white business card with simple text is not interesting – at all. Find a unique way to capture the interest of your new connection. Business cards do not have to be limited to contact information and a logo. There are numerous ways to draw attention to your business card and generate interest:

  • Use a creative call to action.
  • Create business cards specifically for an event
  • Add a tagline
  • Leave a space for a personalized message during networking events
  • Include interesting information not commonly presented on business cards
  • Create curiosity by asking a question on your business card

Creating excitement and interest around your business card will not only bring attention to your name and career, but also extend your brand image. Be creative and strategic when deciding how to generate attention to your business card.

The ‘out of the box’ business cards may not be considered traditional, but they are the most memorable.

Be Symbolic

Even the simplest of additions or designs can revamp the appearance of your business card. For instance, do you work with animals? Perhaps a simple paw print is exactly what your business card needs to stand out. Small, but powerful changes can make an impact. Symbols not only attract the eye, but can also assist with the layout of your business card too.

Business cards can help or hinder your networking initiatives. Instead of being just another face in the crowd or business card in a shoebox, stand out from the crowd by redesigning your business card and never be a forgotten connection again.

Tired of being another face in the crowd with a boring business card design? Titan Web Marketing Solutions can design the ideal business card for you and your business. Contact us today to learn more about our branding and graphic design services.