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Postcard Marketing Tips and Ideas

Perhaps you haven’t considered all of the benefits there are to postcard marketing. Although print may feel dated in the digital age, it’s actually a successful way to traffic people towards your digital marketing efforts. A postcard can bring people to your online channels in an inviting way in addition to the other methods you may already be using. 

There are right and wrong ways to implement a postcard marketing campaign, though — It’s not as easy as sending postcards out to whomever’s information you’ve collected throughout your time as a business. There are multiple ways to make your postcard campaign more effective than the average piece of junk mail. 

1. The Design Should Say “Inviting” Rather Than “Advertising” 

When working on marketing initiatives with postcards, be sure to create a design that’s enticing. If it looks too much like an advertisement, it will probably go straight to the garbage like junk mail. If the postcard you create delivers a more personal feel like a greeting rather than something trying to push a product or service, your audience will be much more likely to read what it says and visit your business online. They might even convert into a lead as a result. 

2. Make Your URL Memorable 

If the main purpose of your postcard is to lead potential customers and clients to your website or social media pages, be sure to include a link that’s easy to remember. It’s likely that most people aren’t at a desktop computer when they open your postcard. By making the URL memorable, they’ll be more likely to view it once they have time to get online. If they would prefer to access your website from their smartphone, make sure that your website is mobile responsive. If it takes too long to load or looks bad on a phone, they’ll abandon it when their patience runs thin. 

Another thing you can do is create a QR code for your postcard. Just be sure to continue paying for your website link as long as the postcards are relevant. Note the Heinz Ketchup QR code fail. Also remember that some question whether QR codes are dead or not, but ultimately, that’s up for you and your business to decide.    

3. Keep The Message Simple

A postcard isn’t something to be deciphered… make sure yours has a headline that’s clear and a message the audience can easily absorb. It’s important that the message be straight to the point. A postcard will be useless if it’s filled with too much text. If it reads like a short story, it will become a missed opportunity. 
Be thoughtful about the message you put on the postcard while making sure it represents what you’d like in an efficient manner.  

4. Make Sure You Have The Right Audience 

Before sending your postcards, be sure that you have the right audience. Your business shouldn’t waste time or money sending postcards out to people who have never shown interest in your business or, even worse, who are business competitors. Make sure that you’ve collected information from the right demographic. Target people who are already loyal to your business as well as to individuals on the verge of becoming customers. Once you’ve done this, then you can send the postcards out knowing you haven’t put in the effort for those who couldn’t care less. 

Postcards are also a good way to update the information you have on file. By placing your return address on the postcards, you’ll be able to see whose information is out of date by which postcards you receive back. 

Learn From Past Postcard Mistakes

Noticeable Errors

If you plan on sending out a postcard, it must be free of all errors that would be evident to the consumer. Editing is extremely important — especially when you plan on having a large number of your materials printed. 

A Complicated Message  

As mentioned above, the message on a postcard for marketing should be clear and brief. Too much text and your audience is bound to lose interest… same goes for a short message that’s full of jargon.  

A Lack of Contact Information

Don’t forget to include this! It makes sense to have but can end up being overlooked or overshadowed by the other elements of a marketing postcard.  

Why You Should Still Care About Print Marketing

Print marketing is alive and well, although there is a lot more emphasis on digitally based marketing methods today. It’s not one or the other — it’s finding the right combination of print and digital marketing and helping them work together. Today, print materials should enhance your website and other online marketing channels. Print and more specifically, postcard marketing, is not dead because it’s used as a catalyst for target audiences to visit online platforms.

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