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Marketing Through an Office Supply Company? Not Worth It.

Did you know that certain office supply stores now offer online marketing services such as web design and search marketing?

Business owners lacking a digital marketing strategy may find these services affordable and convenient. Yet, trusting an office supply company with your marketing is an expensive and detrimental decision. 

Logo Design

Imagine you’re a startup business owner in need of a logo. In need of a solution, you sign up for the design services at a large office supply store. The following process ensues:

  • Your logo design project is sent up the pipeline to a designer who you will never meet. This designer is likely located in another state or country.
  • Your designer drafts a logo based off of a singular concept (maybe two if you purchase a higher design package) and sends it to you. Keep in mind that this designer, while talented, does not know your business goals or design preferences.
  • You receive your logo draft and send back any edits you may have. The designer then uses your feedback, and sends you the final logo design. If you are not satisfied with this design, you must pay for more drafts. Remember, this was only one round of a singular design concept. 

The process of developing the perfect logo requires several steps and endless feedback. It is absurd to offer logo design services based off of a single design concept.

In comparison, the graphic designers at Titan Web Marketing Solutions provide clients with 8-12 different logo concepts for the first round of drafts. If you are not satisfied with a particular logo, you provide your feedback and the process starts again. Before designing, our graphic designers meet with you to understand your business.

Also, you get what you pay for. While the logo design prices may be cheap at office supply stores, you don’t get much to work with!

Website Design and Development

Office supply stores are knowledgeable about supplies, not websites.

No one in an office supply store will be in charge of your website project. You will not meet your website designer, nor will you have the opportunity to critique the design. Creating a top quality website requires constant communication and feedback. Trusting an office supply store to build your website will only lead to disappointment. 

On top of unsatisfying designs, these stores boast affordable prices – but beware. Paying monthly for a website should only include your domain, hosting, and any plugins you use.  The office supply stores claim their monthly prices cover these fees. If so, their prices are quite inflated.

Moral of the story: enlist the help of a web designer, not an office supply store.

Additional Internet Marketing Services

Online marketing services use the Internet as a tool to increase your leads, sales and reputation. With that in mind, seek out a professional who knows how to use the tool, not just acquire it.

Think of it this way:

[blockquote]Would you trust a car mechanic to make you an award winning soufflé? Would you trust a culinary genius to fix your broken down car?[blockquote]

Once again, your office supply store isn’t managing your marketing services from their local store. You will never meet the individual posting to your social media accounts or optimizing your website. When you want a successful digital marketing strategy, find a professional you can meet with in person.

Choose What’s Best For Your Business 

While the low online marketing prices and convenience may look enticing, do not fall for their gimmicks. Your business deserves the best possible marketing strategy, not a quick and cheap fix. Instead of a big-box office supply store, seek out a marketing agency that knows what they’re doing. Trust me, you’ll notice and appreciate the difference.