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Marketing on Facebook: How to Maximize Your Efforts

You know your business needs to be on Facebook and other social media channels in order to connect with your customers. Social media provides small business owners with a wide variety of benefits, from increased customer reach through advertising to encouraging consumer conversations and reviews. In order maximize your efforts on the popular social media network, use these simple and effective tips.

Post Relevant Content

Your Facebook fans have liked your page for a reason a simple reason – they like you! With that in mind, remember to post relevant content that your fans will find exciting. From keeping your customers involved through questions and comments, to providing an inside look at your business with images of employees and your facilities, there are endless possibilities for relevant content. It is in your best interest to stick to topics within your industry or that directly affect your customers. The second you post a completely off-topic post, you’ll notice a drastic decline in engagement from your fans! Keep in mind that this is your business account, so don’t use it to post your personal content.

Respond to Customer Comments

Responding to all types of customer comments is extremely important. You need to let your interested and aggravated customers know that you care about them. Regardless of whether the comment or review was positive, negative or somewhere in between, you need to show your customers that you value their opinion or statement.

Not responding to an unhappy customer’s complaint or question is one of the worst crimes you can commit on social media. As a business owner, you know just how important customer service is to the success of your business, especially when combined with your online marketing tactics such as social media. Extend that same level of customer service to your fans online by always responding to their concerns.

Forget Like-Gating!

The act of “like-gating” has been officially banned on Facebook as of November 5, 2014. What does this mean for your social media strategy? It means you need to find a more effective method to get fans to like your page. Like-gating is when a page asks a fan to like their page in order to receive an incentive (i.e. win a contest). In addition, you cannot restrict certain page apps to customers who like your page. Instead, your apps must be visible to all types of fans.

Why would Facebook make this move? Facebook wants fans to like a page purely because they want to – not to receive a $100 Visa Gift Card. If you were previously running contests designed to entice fans to like your page, get rid of them! They won’t help your page anymore. It’s time to find ways for your business page to find more valuable and effective fans.

Incorporate Other Social Media Outlets

Facebook is a powerful social network, but combining your efforts with other channels can deliver awesome results. Several social media reviews loved the Queso Showdown promoted in early 2014 by Qdoba Mexican Grill, which paired two popular items from its menu and asked Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram followers to vote on their favorites. Voting updates were regularly posted on each network and even showed what product voters from each platform preferred. By using popular social media sites, Qdoba not only reached a large audience, but a diverse one. It also tapped into American’s enthusiasm for voting on social topics (if not electoral ones), as Udemy.com notes. Fans were invited to comment and retweet results.

Use Highly Targeted Advertisements To Reach the Right Customers

You may have heard that Facebook advertising isn’t necessary. To that we say, good luck. If you are starting a Facebook page from scratch or have flatlined in gaining likes, advertising can greatly benefit you. While not every page needs to participate in advertising, it can be worth it when executed properly.

The main mistake that small business owners make with Facebook advertising is using to broad of an audience. You know your customers better than anyone! With Facebook’s intricate targeting capabilities, you’ll have the ability to reach users that meet the exact description of your ideal audience. In addition, since these fans are part of your market, you’ll have a greater chance converting that like into a lead, which ultimately leads to a sale!

To maximize conversions and sales, you can even create individual landing pages customized to your target audience and the message of your ad. By combining the stellar targeting powers of Facebook and a landing page that actually works, your results are sure to be more successful.

Confused by social media marketing, especially Facebook? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Titan Web Marketing Solutions can help you and your business out! Give us a call today at 877-935-3796 to learn more about our social media marketing services.

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