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Looking to Give Your Online Marketing Strategy a Boost? Add Video!

The amount of content we interact with in a single day is astronomical. Endless tweets, remarketing ads, blogs, white papers, and more are now part of our daily routine. Out of those types of content, which are we most likely to remember and interact with? Video.

Video has the ability to capture our attention for an extended period of time (which is no easy feat in today’s digital world), and convince us to take an action. Other types of content are capable of doing this too, but 80% of Internet users remember the video ads they watch online.

Can you tell me the name and subject of the e-book you downloaded a few weeks ago? Yet, everyone can remember the “Dumb Ways to Die” video marketing campaign.

While video is spectacular on its own, it is far more powerful and yields greater results when combined with the various aspects of your online marketing strategy.  

Social Media

While scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed, what catches your eye? I bet ten bucks you wouldn’t stop for a simple text update. In fact, unless the text update is controversial and argumentative, do you really think that you’ll engage with the post?

As stated by Simply Measured, video is shared 1200% more times than text and link posts combined.

[tweet_this_percent tweet=”Video is shared 1200%25 more times than text and link posts combined.” posturl=”http://www.titanwebmarketingsolutions.com/looking-to-give-your-online-marketing-strategy-a-boost-add-video/” display-tweet=”Video is shared 1200% more times than text and link posts combined.”]

With the introduction of video advertising options on platforms such as Facebook, your social media campaigns can virtually skyrocket with the inclusion of video.

Social media is a great channel for telling your brand story, conversing with customers, and learning more about your audience. Therefore, you cannot throw any old video on your Facebook page. There is nothing more awful than a brand or company using viral videos of cats or ‘fails’ to generate engagement. When using video for your social media marketing strategy, make sure the content is relevant to your audience’s preferences and needs/desires.

Email Marketing

We’re bombarded by emails daily. From sales promotions from our favorite stores, to contest offerings we forgot we signed up for; email runs our lives. Don’t forget about all the emails we deal with at work on a daily basis.

Thanks to the overwhelming amount of email we receive each day, your email needs to stand out from the crowd. What better way to accomplish this than with an intriguing video?

In fact, did you know that email click-through rates improved by 200-300% when a video was included? (Forester) To separate your email from the mundane and intrusive emails your audience receives daily, you can also allow your users to download or share the video as an incentive to engage with your brand.

[tweet_this_percent tweet=”Did you know email click-through rates improved by 200-300%25 when a video was included?” posturl=”http://www.titanwebmarketingsolutions.com/looking-to-give-your-online-marketing-strategy-a-boost-add-video/” display-tweet=”Did you know email click-through rates improved by 200-300% when a video was included?”]

Don’t settle for a boring email marketing campaign — add video!

Web Design

website video

What are you trying to accomplish with your website? Whether you’re trying to generate sales or improve the overall reputation of your brand, adding video content to your website can help you achieve your particular goal.

Regardless of your goal, your website serves a purpose — to tell a story. Your website visitors could scroll and read to learn about your business, or they could watch a high quality, engaging video and know your company in the same amount of time (or less!).

Plus, you want your website visitors to stick around, right? (If you are concerned about your search rankings and sales, you absolutely do.) Videos encourage your audience to learn more, visit other pages, and elicit a specific action. The question now is, where are the videos on your website?

Landing Pages and Online Advertising

Landing pages work in conjunction with your additional online marketing efforts to convince customers to pull the trigger and purchase your product, sign up for a service or engage in a desired action.

As stated by Econsultancy, only 22% of marketers and businesses are actually satisfied with their landing page conversions and results.

This exclusive group of marketers/businesses know something that the other 78% don’t — videos work wonders on landing pages. In fact, studies have shown that using video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80% (Unbounce).

[tweet_this_percent tweet=”Studies have shown that using video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80%25″ posturl=”http://www.titanwebmarketingsolutions.com/looking-to-give-your-online-marketing-strategy-a-boost-add-video/” display-tweet=”Studies have shown that using video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80%”]

When you’re looking to improve your landing page results, a video may do the trick.

Search Engine Marketing

Did you know that videos can benefit your search marketing strategy? If not, I’m about to blow your mind.

Due to many search engine algorithm updates including Hummingbird, content is more important than ever. Fortunately, Google and other search engines consider video to be high quality content. While title tags, keywords, quality backlinks and other search marketing tactics assist your search rankings, they may not answer the detailed questions your customers have.

Google considers video to be worthwhile content due to the ability to provide thorough information and explanations, and direct the consumer to their answer. Therefore, video equates to greater quality content on your website, and ultimately higher search results.

Videos also entice users to stick around your website for a longer period of time. In fact, an average Internet user will spend 88% more time on a website with video, in comparison to one without.

One factor included in search rankings is known as the stickiness factor, which equals the average amount of time users spend on your website. As the stickiness of your website improves, in turn your search rankings will too.

Last but not certainly not least, videos assist with your link building efforts. People love to share videos. Seriously, they love to share videos. How much do they love it? This much: studies show that 92% of mobile video viewers share video content with others. As users share your video, you build a series of links back to your website. It’s a win-win situation!

It’s Time to Invest in Videos for Your Business

If you still need proof that your business needs to invest in video, this statistic from MarketingProfs will do the trick: 70% of marketing professionals report that video converts better than any other medium.  

When you’re ready to take the next step with your online marketing strategy, or are tired of poor results from your campaigns, invest in video.

Does your business need a video or video series? Good thing Titan Web Marketing Solutions offers video production services. Pretty convenient, huh?