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Is Your Website Successful?

That’s a bit of a loaded question, isn’t it? In today’s fast paced and digital business world, it can be difficult to truly determine what ‘success’ is. With that said, is there a simple and definitive answer that determines the success of a website? There might be, but our answer is “it depends”.

Success is Subjective

As a small business owner, you know your company better than anyone else. With that, you also know exactly what your business needs and doesn’t necessarily require at this time. This is why the concept of a successful website is subjective. If we said, “The only way to determine the success of a website is to measure it by the number of leads generated”, we would be right in some aspects and wrong in others. Small businesses each have individual goals, quotas, necessities and so much more.

The Success Of Your Website is Defined By You

Think about your business, your industry, and your overall goals. From there, you should have no problem determining how you should measure the success of your business website. There are various ways to measure the success of a website:

  • Total leads generated
  • Completed online sales
  • The level of engagement from consumers online
  • The number of page views daily, weekly, monthly and more
  • The number of visitors daily, weekly, monthly and more
  • The amount of customers who mention your website on other websites such as social media
  • In-store customers who state that they have visited your website before
  • Other metrics designated by you and your colleagues

It is up to you to determine how you would like to define success in reference to your company website. For instance, some businesses would rather see an increase in brand awareness and consumer engagement than online sales. On the other hand, some businesses thrive off of online sales leads, so they may measure the success of their website based on the number of online sales in a given period of time. Overall, it is up to the business or website owner to decide how to properly measure and achieve success.

Unsatisfied with your website results to date? Try these simple tips:

Update Your Website Content Regularly

When you refresh your website content by adding company news, original products, or even implementing a blog, you provide customers with new and exciting information to consume. Whether you add a quick release about your newest employee or a blog post related to your industry, this novel information will keep your website fresh and up-to-date.

Implement Search Engine Optimization tactics

Perhaps the reason that your website isn’t performing according to your standards, whether measured by engagement or sales, is because your customers cannot find your website. If you haven’t optimized the content on your website for search engines or engaged in any local search marketing, there is a large chance that your website is invisible to your target audience. By using these tactics and strategies, your company website will climb the search rankings and be easily found by your consumers.

Direct your Customers to your Website through Social Media

If you have social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Pinterest established for your company, this is a prime way to direct your customers to your website. Did you just add a new press release or bit of company news to your website? Let your social followers know and provide a link to the website content. Not only will this gain backlinks for your company and improve your search rankings in the end, it will also improve the success of your website – no matter how you choose to measure it.

Still need help creating a successful website or improving your current website? The creative and strategic team at Titan Web Marketing Solutions can help you with that and much more. Be sure to connect with us today for the answers to all of your website design and digital marketing questions.

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