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Is Great Content Necessary for a Small Business Website?

Most of our clients are small businesses. They serve their community and the surrounding area. They know that a website is necessary in today’s marketplace and they know the internet can help them win new business, that’s why they are a client. What is often not understood is why creating great content even for a small business website is necessary in today’s internet age. I won’t say that having “great” content is necessary but it should at least fall into the “good” category. And the more you have, the better.

Here are a few reason’s why content matters.

1. Search engines love content

This is the single most important reason for content on a website. The content on your website feeds the search engines. Google has stated publicly that it wants websites to have great content that is valuable to readers. Content is fuel for the fire that is Google. The more content you have on your website, the more ways a potential website visitor can find you. I consider the home page of a website the front door to your business and all the other pages back doors. You want as many back doors as possible for people to find you.

2. People want to know who you are

We use Google Analytics to track all of our client’s websites. Repeatedly we see the about us page on their websites as one of the most visited pages they have. Why? Because visitors and potential customers want to know who they might be dealing with. They want to know about your business and about you! I believe not having an about us page on a company website is a huge mistake. It’s an opportunity to tell your story, build trust, and add credibility.

3. People want to know what you do

A number of our clients are service oriented businesses. Landscapers, roofers, plumbers and others types of businesses that provide a service or in many cases multiple services to customers. A common theme with many of them when we first talk about their website is that all their services will be listed on one page. This is a bad idea, unless you have just one service. For example most roofers also handle siding and gutters for customers. If you own a roofing company,  wouldn’t it make sense to have a service page dedicated to gutters and another to siding as well as roofing? By having individual pages for each service, you’re giving yourself a chance that those pages will be found in the search results when someone needs a company to replace their gutters. Each service pages can be fully optimized for that individual service.

4. You can show off what you do

There are a number of companies that can best tell people what they do with photos. We’re one of those companies. For example we have our website portfolio to show of past website designs we’ve created for clients. Other businesses, such as decorative concrete companies, hardwood flooring stores, landscapers, bakers and others that provide products or services that make for visual presentations, can benefit from having images posted on a website. Images can tell people what you are capable of doing.

My philosophy about content for every website is simple “the more the better.” Every blog post, service page, product page etc. is another doorway that someone can go through and be introduced to you and what you offer.

If you need help with your company website or using the internet to attract new business call our office at 615-890-3600 or email us. We can help better spread the word about your company throughout the online world.

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