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Instagram Marketing Strategies Your Company Should Be Using

Does your business know about Instagram? While it may seem like the majority of the world is using the popular photo, video, and gif sharing application (it’s come a long way since its launch in 2010), many businesses may not be aware of how an Instagram account could be the marketing strategy they’ve been looking for. There are many ways a business can use the platform to create successful campaigns with steady streams of new content.

Strategize to Go Mobile

If you’ve yet to go mobile with your business, what are you waiting for? Instagram is the place you should be advertising if looking to connect with an audience heavily dominated by Millennials and Generation Z. And even if this isn’t your target, older audiences have been adopting the platform as well.

Today, most everyone has a smartphone on them at all times. It’s become a crutch, and while this is oftentimes seen as a negative thing, it creates the perfect opportunity for you to market to people on the go. It’s easy for you to display your Instagram handle on a poster or flyer. More than likely, people will see it with their phone in hand. If they’re looking to pass some time, there’s a good chance they’ll pop over to your Instagram profile for content. There are many strategies you can come up with to make your transition to the mobile world a successful one via Instagram.

Find Your Fans

When you create an Instagram profile, be sure to follow people who you think, or know, will follow you back. Build an audience by posting regularly with pictures, videos, and more that will be meaningful to your consumers. When you develop a brand identity on the platform you’ll gain followers and greater credibility.  

Market by Putting Your Business on the Map

Location is a cool thing Instagram users can highlight when posting a picture. Make sure your business location is on Google Maps so that Instagram users can feature where they are (your business) in the photos they share. With Instagram, there are so many ways for users to connect to your business, so cover your bases and make sure there’s no usable content getting lost in the shuffle online.     

Use Hashtags Wisely

A hashtag #isn’t #something #to #just #throw #around. And yet, this is more common than you’d think. Have you ever seen someone marketing with the excessive use of this #random #thing? It’s as if they don’t actually realize that a hashtag has a purpose other than just being a different and “hip” way to caption a photo.

The purpose of hashtags is to organize and categorize content that’s been posted on the platform. By clicking on a hashtag, users will be redirected to a feed where all of the content labeled with it is curated. This is especially useful if you’re holding an event. Come up with a clever hashtag for the event, and all of the pictures labeled with it will end up in the same place.

So now you know there is a right way to use a hashtag. When implementing hashtags in the correct fashion, they can serve as a major boost for your business. With them, you’ll be able to find content delivered to you by your fans and consumers. With a little strategy, a bunch of free advertisements will be at your disposal in no time. What’s better for a business than that?

Instagram as a Tool for Business Success

The six-year-old platform has 500 million active users per month. With that number right in front of you, it’s obvious that Instagram’s the place your business should be. Don’t miss out on a crucial audience as this app continues to innovate and grow.

A little strategizing with your team can help your business begin a successful relationship with Instagram and all that it has to offer. It’s evident that it’s marketing advantages are abundant and that the platform will constantly reshape what marketing looks like in the modern day world. 

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