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Instagram Aesthetic: Keep It Consistent For Your Business

How do you compete with all of the Instagram profiles that are out there today? With over 500 million active users a month, it’s difficult to stand out amongst the perfectly edited pictures and other forms of content… but who’s to say your business profile can’t be a part of that crowd?   

There is a large number of business profiles today, many of which aren’t using Instagram to their full potential. In order to run a successful business profile, you’ll have a laundry list of things to do, such as: 

  • Post on a regular basis
  • Come up with the proper hashtags 
  • Target the right groups of people
  • Create unique content 
  • Keep it visually interesting

… All the while sticking to an aesthetic that will make your Instagram profile a cohesive work that properly represents your business.  

The Thing That Sets Instagram Apart

A specific “aesthetic” usually doesn’t apply for Facebook and Twitter profiles, but many successful Instagram accounts have created one. Instagram is more visually based and can be used to create an overall vibe, so to speak. There are many things people and businesses do to create the right aesthetic, which ends up dictating the content that gets posted.

Editing Your Photos Properly

If you’re trying to keep your Instagram aesthetic consistent (that’s why you’re reading this, after all!) you’ll need to think about a few things such as filters, color schemes, the editing process, and photo clarity. 

When sticking to an aesthetic, you can’t use filters haphazardly. It’s better to pick a few of your favorites and stick to using only these. In addition to this, you should know how to edit your photos, so you don’t just slap a filter on them and hit post. Something oversaturated doesn’t scream “I run a professional business.” Your profile will be much more cohesive if you use filters sparingly and not at full force while following the same editing process every time. Another thing to note — if a photo’s not clear, you’re better off scrapping it (this seems obvious, but still happens frequently). Grainy and blurry photos can’t be fixed, even in photoshop.  

Editing Tools 

There are so many different photo editing tools you can use before posting your photo to Instagram. While Instagram has the capabilities of photo editing, there are many apps that go further in depth when it comes to the process. For many, Instagram is merely used for its social aspect, and photos posted to the app are manipulated elsewhere. Some people even choose to use DSLR cameras or develop film and then post their photos to the app, although in many cases an up-to-date smartphone does the job just fine.   

If you’re looking for apps, there are ones available for free such as VSCO or you can purchase one such as Filterstorm Neue from the app store for under $5. To add a bit of variety to posts, you can install Instagram’s partner apps Hyperlapse, Boomerang, and Layout.  

You’ll want to make sure that your photographs contain content that makes sense. If you’re going to post about something, you’ve got to consider how it will tie back to your business while being relevant. If there’s a photo or video you’d like to share that won’t necessarily fit in with the rest of your profile, consider posting it to your Facebook or Twitter account instead. 

Your Visual Content Should Make Sense 

There will most likely be times when you find a piece of content you’d like to share, but it doesn’t quite fit with the rest of what you’ve been posting. To prevent the sacrifice of your Instagram aesthetic, take the images that won’t fit in with what you’ve created and post them to Twitter or Facebook instead. Since you’ll probably be running multiple social media platforms, it’s important that you choose the right one for the content you want to post. Sticking with an aesthetic will actually help vary your content from platform to platform, which is an important part of running multiple social media profiles for one business. 

Gather Inspiration From Others 

It’s great to see what’s working when it comes to the profiles that are out there. Check out some of these awesome business profiles for inspiration before you begin your own. Although your profile will most likely transform as your business familiarizes itself with the platform, if you have a vision in mind, your profile will look more consistent from the day it begins.