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How to Make Your Website Work with Your Social Media

It is easy to see the importance of having a website in this world of mobile technology where instant information is merely an expectation. However, having a social media presence is becoming just as important. Facebook now has over 1.11 billion users.

The audience is huge and the networking opportunity is too great to pass up on for businesses.  When you combine these powerful presences (your website and your social media pages), an amazing marriage occurs. Like any marriage, it takes time and energy to maintain and maximize the strength of this fruitful relationship.

Customers are attracted to companies that connect with them, provide helpful resources, and offer a unique perspective. All of these key qualities can be proven by making your website and social media presence work together.

These four points will help you get more exposure and customers for your business:


The “stuff” you contribute means more than the services you provide. Social media is most effective when users share content, “like” content, and follow your content. The more they share with their network, the bigger your audience and network gets. The best way to accomplish this growth is by offering original, unique content. Most users share funny photos, insightful thoughts, exclusive deals, etc. The idea is to make your post stand out and relate to your key audience. Use social media to get your name out there and gather an audience, then link them to your website that offers details about what you do and how you do it.


Social media is by nature interactive. The key is to carry this over into your website. Include a blog with a comment section or a forum in which customers can discuss industry topics. These elements allow customers to feel significant and connected to your business. Include your customers into your company by posting polls and surveys on your Facebook page. This level of involvement will yield customers that will keep coming back to your website and social media pages.


Visual tools are highly effective. Attractive images and easily read text draw users in. If a page or website is cluttered and full of clashing colors, customers will not want to stay on your page. Generally, it is best to have one large feature photo that attracts attention on a web page or social media post. More is not always better. If text and photos are squished together all over the page, customers won’t know what to look at or how to interpret the information. Most people multitask while looking at things online, so it is important to get their attention with high quality photos and clear titles.


 You should link any social media pages you have to your website. “Like” and “share”/”pin” buttons should accompany as many articles, photos, and content that can be shared. If you have a comment section on your website, you may also want to allow people to log into Facebook to comment, which will share their comment on Facebook as well. Social media buttons provide an easy way for your visitors to share your content, often without ever having to leave your page.

 If you integrate your website and social media presence effectively, you will have more people visiting both, leading to more fans of your company. Not only will they use your products/services, but they will also become an extension of marketing efforts, sharing what they love about your business with their networks.

If you would like to utilize our expertise on creating websites and social media marketing, give us a call at 615-890-3600 or email us. Consultations are always free and we would love to help you and your business. 

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