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How to Effectively Market Your Real Estate Services: A Get-Started Guide

Gone are the days when people shopped for houses by driving around looking for “for sale” signs. With today’s increase in technology, the real estate market has evolved with the times and adapted to a variety of new marketing strategies. I suggest that you do not waste your time and hard-earned money on old marketing strategies for your real estate business and properties. You can capture the attention of even the pickiest of buyers and most stubborn of sellers with these effective and cost-efficient marketing techniques.


When executed correctly, video can boost sales. Whether you embed video on your site or start your own YouTube channel, video enables you to show off your services and properties to potential clients before meeting in person. When using video in your marketing strategy, remember to be personable and stand out. No one wants to watch a bland and dry real estate video. Sound excited about your properties and services!

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Facebook is another online marketing technique that works quite well for real estate agents. According to a survey conducted by Postling, 80 percent of real estate agents use Facebook as a marketing tool. This social media tool is a great way to connect with potential buyers and sellers on a platform they feel comfortable on and are currently using to exchange ideas. Make sure you use a professional image for your profile and be sure to regularly post listings, advice and helpful articles. Remember to answer comments personally to let people know you are accessible and helpful. A word of advice: use Facebook as a way to share information and interact with your future and current clients. They will appreciate the personal approach to your real estate efforts.

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Direct Mail

Finally, remember that not all of your potential homebuyers are online. There is a large population of people who do not use social media and other online services. The best marketing approach incorporates offline techniques in addition to the innovative online solutions. Direct mail enables you to reach out directly to your audience, and then use the online aspects to enhance your message. Here at Titan Web Marketing Solutions, we also offer print marketing services so clients can reach customers offline.

The U.S Postal Service offers an “Every Door Direct Mail” service, which will deliver printed materials to every address in a postal carrier route or zip code for 14.9 cents apiece. I recommend using this service if you do not have or do not want to provide a mailing list, as one is not required. If you are using direct mail as part of a comprehensive marketing campaign, be sure to print a QR code as well as your site’s URL on your mail piece in order to drive prospective clients to your site. Make sure to include a phone number and email address, too. Remember, direct mail is not a “one and done” marketing tactic. recommends you send four to eight mailings a year, to keep your name in front of your potential clients and increase your odds of hitting them at the right time.

By combining a targeted direct mail message with some of the online techniques, you can feel more confident that your marketing dollars and efforts are not going to waste.

When you’re gearing up for your next real estate marketing campaign, give Titan Web Marketing Solutions a call. We’ll help you find the perfect balance between online marketing tactics and offline marketing solutions.