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Getting Started on Pinterest – Board Ideas to Get You Going

Do you think Pinterest might be right for your business? Not every social media platform is right for a business, but if your company sells products or provides a service where images are used heavily, then it might be right for you. Pinterest is all about visual representation. For e-commerce websites, Pinterest can be a huge boost and you can grow a very large audience. If you provide a service or a custom product where you can take pictures and show people what you do, then you can benefit.

I’ll give you an example using a client of ours. Jo’s Custom Cakes & Catering in Smyrna, Tennessee makes custom cakes for birthdays, weddings and special event s as a part of their business. Jo West, the owner, is great at what she does. Her product is very visual, but you can’t order it online. Everything is made to order based on the ideas her customers bring to her. We use Pinterest and Facebook, as well as her website, to show people what she is capable of creating. For her, this strategy has led to people ordering the same cakes for themselves that she has created for others. It also helps inspire people with new and creative cake ideas for their own events because they see Jo and her team can create just about anything. You can check out Jo’s Custom Cakes and Catering Pinterest boards HERE to see how we have created an organized platform to show off her creations.

If you’re thinking about whether Pinterest is a good idea for your business, then think about how you might represent yourself visually.

Here are a few pin board ideas that might help get you going.

1. What’s happening in your industry?

For us, SEO and Social Media is a big part of our business. To represent such topics on Pinterest, infographics are used to display the latest trends in the industry. You can use infographics to represent the changes that are going on in your industry as well. This can help show your audience that you’re an expert in your field, which is always a benefit to a business.

2. Showcase Products and Services

Although it shouldn’t be the only thing you use your boards for, creating boards that showcase your products let people know what you have to offer. Services can be handled in the same way. In the case of Jo and her cakes, we have boards that represent different types of cakes, such as those for weddings. We pin the latest cakes that she has created for her clients to those boards.

3. Educate Your Audience

This is similar to showcasing changes in your industry, except you educate people about your field. One thing about Pinterest is that you can pin videos. Let’s say you are already creating “how to” videos that you post on YouTube. Those same videos can be posted on Pinterest and introduced to a whole new audience.

4. Show off Your Company and Culture

Oftentimes, customers only see the outside of your business. Pinterest can be a good way of making things more personal and giving them an inside look at what goes on everyday. You can show off photos of your office and introduce your employees to your customers as well. Customers often deal with only one or two people within your company, but many more may actually be involved in what you do for them. This can be a chance to give everyone credit.

5. Showcase Customer Testimonials

We know testimonials are huge. Pinterest can be a great way, either through images or by posting videos, to show how much your customers value what you do for them. If you’re not afraid of sharing who your customers are, then consider what they can do for you.

These are just some of the ideas you can use to get started or to expand your presence on Pinterest. I’m sure with a little effort, you can come up with a number of great ways to showcase your business on Pinterest and get involved in the community.

If you need help with Pinterest or any other aspect of your social media presence, feel free to call our office at 615-890-3600 or email us. We’ll make sure your company is not going to get left in the dust.

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