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From Small Biz to Big Whiz in a Few Clicks

You’ve started your dream business and are in full start-up mode. Now all you have to do is market your product or service. Budgets are limited and it’s imperative to make a mark and make it soon. You’re a lucky entrepreneur – you live in the age of Facebook.

Talk to the world

If you have something interesting to say, the world will listen. A recent report from Statista shows the number of monthly active Facebook users in 2014 is upward of 1.25 billion. That’s a large market to choose from.

Create a page for your brand with friendly, approachable and helpful tone. Your page should clearly list information about your brand as attention spans tend to last a mere 8 seconds, reports Statistic Brain. A short, succinct write-up explaining exactly what your product or service is all about should do the trick.

The next step is targeting the right user base. People in your direct circles come first, of course, but your target audience should be relevant and not just convenient. Check out groups or pages with similar interests or topics as your product or service and survey their audiences. Reading reviews and going through comments will generally give you a better idea of what people are interested in and who these people are.

Spamming is not recommended, though. A small nudge in the form of a polite message once in a month or two will do the job just fine. Nobody likes a spammer.

Keep it interesting

Once you figure out who to talk to, what you say is very important. The trick is to post engaging and informative content about your brand. Posting ideas include blogs and articles, contests, photos and videos. These options and more are ideal for keeping your brand relevant and interesting on Facebook.

Involving your audience works best when you’re talking with them rather than to them. Brands and their platforms can become trending topics on Twitter and actually influence consumer behavior. Some, like LG, have even gone global, when the company launched an exclusive Treasure Hunt around the #LGTicketHunter hashtag. This led to 20 million impressions of the brand.

Boost your page

Facebook allows you to promote your page for a fee. It posts advertisements for you alongside relevant target audiences and gets your page more ‘Likes’ and engagement, depending on the type of campaign you choose to run. Remember, the key to a great Facebook page is relevant and active engagement from your fans. Build up your audience and then interact with them!

Track your progress

A good way to figure out what works best is to track your page’s progress through the ‘Insights’ or analytics section offered by my most social media channels, such as Facebook. Detailed graphs and reports keep you abreast with your audience demographics, interests, activities and more. This can help you identify your audience and keep the right people interested in your brand.

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