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First Impressions Count – Business Cards with Style

Every time you hand out your business card you are making a first impression. People know when your business card is of poor design and quality. Your business card in many ways can be considered a reflection of your business and the way you do business. Of course just because you have a cheap looking business card doesn’t mean you run your business in such a manner but remember it’s a first impression and first impressions count. A poorly designed business card will give off a poor first impression. And in business you may not get a second chance.

A Table Full of Business Cards

There is a local networking event that takes place in different parts of the country called Chocolate Blues. During  these events a very long table is placed out in the middle of the room and visitors to the event are allowed to place stacks of their business cards on the table for others to pick up. Imagine placing a stack of your current business cards on such a table among hundreds of other cards. Does your card stand out from the crowd? If you were a visitor and you saw this huge table full of business cards, literally hundreds of them and you planned to pick out just ten of them, would your card be one of the one’s you would choose? Be honest with yourself because that’s the litmus test for your business card.

Job Interviews with Style

One thing I love about what I do is that I get to interview graphic designers on a regular basis. I’m not a graphic designer, I’m a business major and I’m trained in search engine optimization. My job involves hiring the best graphic designers I can find. To do this we’ve tapped into the Art Institute in Nashville. In the last six months, I’ve interviewed about 10 graphic/web designers for either full-time jobs or intern positions. Each one has had a great business card, they’re creative and they stand out. Even their resumes are creative. Of course, you would think that since they are graphic designers they should have great business cards and resumes, right? Well, I’ve also interviewed graphic designers from Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU). Frankly, there is no comparison. Each time I’ve interviewed someone I’ve been presented a plain resume and no business card. Who do you think wins the job when I’m hiring?

In Any Industry You Must Stand Out From the Crowd!

Insurance is the worst. Consider how many insurance agents exist in the world. They are everywhere and each is just as forgettable as the rest. (No offense meant to any insurance agents reading this post). But honestly, it’s the truth. Every card is white with a logo and some basic contact information. This is the ultimate chance to stand out. A bold design and bold colors can give an insurance agent a “wow” factor.

Spending $10 on Vista Print and picking out a template that hundreds of other people have also used may save you money in the short term but it can also cost you business in the long run. Don’t be afraid to spend a few dollars and have a card designed the right way. Doing so can pay off in much bigger ways.

If you are interested in having a great business card designed for your business and need help please call our office at 615-890-3600 or email us. All of our consultations are free and we always love meeting new people.