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Establishing the Human Connection in Social Media

Almost every small to large business has a Facebook page, Twitter handle, LinkedIn presence or Google+ page. But not every business social media page is successful.

What determines success on social media? For some, they would say the number of followers. However, the vast majority would agree that a successful social media presence includes interaction and engagement from the followers and brand. The question then becomes, how do you capture the attention of your audience and spark a wave of engagement?

The answer is simple but the process is complex: create the human connection.

The Importance of the Human Connection

Think about the thousands upon thousands of advertisements you see each day. From billboards to pop-up ads, you are bombarded with a crazy amount of advertising every day. Social media is no exception. With the ability to sponsor posts, pay for ads, or easily post your latest deal or special for the world to see, social media is becoming the home for online advertising.

By establishing a human connection with your fans, you can break through the gigantic amount of advertising noise and provide your followers with exactly the information or content they are looking for.

The key to the human connection on social media is to add value to the user’s experience.

For example, whether you decide to post a customer testimonial, a question, an intriguing video or even an interactive contest, your goal should be to ensure that each post contributes to the experience of the user instead of invading their digital space.

Instead of operating online as a B2B or B2C, brands and businesses now have to become what is known as H2H: human to human.

How to Create the Human Connection

Imagine that you’re having a conversation with a customer. When they are speaking, what do you do? Do you:

  • Ignore them and focus solely on yourself and your business
  • Listen to their needs, desires and concerns
  • Stare blankly and offer no response.

I sincerely hope that you chose the second option. In life, in business and on social media, listening is key. Your customers are voicing their concerns, telling you about their preferences and so much more. Your customers and fans are looking to ignite a conversation with your company, so talk to them! The key to great communication, whether online or face-to-face, is to listen intently and be responsive.

Think from a Consumer’s Perspective

With the mass amount of data available to businesses in today’s digital age, it’s easier than ever to conduct research on your target market. This data can tell you which social media platform they prefer and how they interact on this channel.

Although this statistical insight is great (and useful), you will find more success if you think from the consumer’s perspective. Before you submit a post or begin to create a new social media strategy, ask yourself:

“If I were a consumer, how would I react to this post?”

“Does this resonate with our consumers?”

“Is this what my consumer wants?”

“Does this post or strategy add value to the daily lives of my consumers?”

Be sure to think through these questions, as they will guide you to creating the human connection with your online consumers.

Creating the Human Connection at Titan Web Marketing Solutions

At Titan Web Marketing Solutions, the posts that gain the most engagement from our fans include:

  • Questions
  • Pictures of our office, employees, and latest projects
  • Videos
  • News

Although each small business and brand will have their own way of connecting with their fans, we have found that our fans really enjoy hearing about our progress and happenings around the office. After tinkering with your social media strategy, you will be able to determine exactly what your fans want to see.

Remember, no matter what industry your business is in or the type of products/services you offer, your social media plan needs to generate a human connection with your users.

Having difficulty with your social media strategy? Need to get started on a social media plan? Give the team at Titan Web Marketing Solutions a call at 877-935-3796.