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Community Involvement + WOM = Brand Exposure

One of the most affordable ways to generate brand exposure for your small business is to get involved within your local community. The old saying goes, “If a customer has a good experience with your business, they will tell 3 people. If a customer has a bad experience, they will tell 10 people”. Through community involvement of all kinds, you’ll gain a wide customer following and ignite a wave of positive word of mouth marketing (WOM) for your small business. Use these 5 simple tactics to start generating brand exposure for your business.

Make strategic connections

Your community is filled with influential individuals, from the well-known business owners to the local celebrities. Determine which particular individuals within this group would benefit from your products or services, and make a strategic connection with them. Once they try your business, they will be vocal about it, thus starting the word of mouth marketing chain. As mentioned before, if they have a positive experience, they’ll tell at least 3 of their friends. These friends will try your business and tell their friends. See where I’m going with this? If you get your community talking positively about your business, you’ll have a greater chance for brand exposure throughout your local area.

Don’t forget to make valuable connections with other local businesses. For example, let’s say your business is an athletic store. You sell shoes, apparel, sports equipment and more. A smart business connection for you may be one of the several gyms or fitness centers in your area. From cross promotion to co-hosting events, exclusive business partnerships are great for gaining exposure for your brand. For instance, your business could recommend that customers check out the local fitness center, and in return the fitness center will suggest that their members purchase equipment and apparel from your store. If agreed upon, you may even have the opportunity to place your logo in the fitness center for all their members to see.


Customers are more likely to purchase from a company or brand that volunteers time, resources, and energy to a local organization or charity. They appreciate that your business is thinking beyond profit and instead is dedicated to their local community. To get started, choose an organization near and dear to your heart and devote some time, energy or monetary funds to helping the organization. Whether you and your employees take the day to help clean up the local park or help pass out flowers at a hospital or nursing home, your customers will value your dedication to the community. Chances are they will tell their friends about your good deed, as well. To increase brand exposure, have your employees wear shirts with your company logo on it while volunteering throughout the community. However, although any word of mouth marketing generated from your volunteer efforts is great, remember that the ultimate goal of volunteering is to help your community.

Participate in social media

In today’s digital world, you and your business need to be on social media. These various channels not only help you connect with your customers on another platform, but also connects you and your small business to the community. Be sure to follow social media accounts from other local businesses, organizations, individuals, charities, and establishments in order to extend the strategic connections mentioned previously. Your online interactions with these customers and businesses can lead to face-to-face partnerships, sales and more. In addition, your brand will be consistently represented on these channels, which will drive word of mouth marketing within your community. Make sure that your brand is 100% consistent across all of your social media channels.

Attend or host events

Whether you choose to host or participate in a community event, you’ll have the opportunity to get involved in your town and gain brand exposure. Let’s go back to the athletic store example. One way to get customers through the door, increase visibility for your brand, and interact with your community is to team up with your strategic business partner (the fitness center) and host an event devoted to helping customers get in shape. You can have attendees taste healthy foods, provide interactive fitness demonstrations and so much more. Your customers will love it and spread the word about your brand.

A strong community connection is key to the success of your small business. Customers enjoy when their town businesses participate in making the community and local area a better place. Combine your community connections and presence with word of mouth marketing to enhance your branding strategy.

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