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Building Brand Consistency and Spreading the Word

Often we get calls from people that are planning on starting a new business. One of the first things that we always have to ask is what are you doing about your brand? Typically of course because it is a new business we’re told that they don’t have a brand. So of course the first step in getting the word out about a brand is to create that brand.

Part 1: Create Your Brand

Step 1: You Need a Logo

A logo is a starting point in building a brand. In many ways it can become the face of a company. When you think of Coca-Cola you don’t necessarily think of all the people that work there you think of their logo which represents their brand. Many people when they think of Nike think of the swoosh which is representative of their company and brand. So when you create your own logo you want to create something that makes a lasting impression. So your first step in creating and spreading a brand is to create your logo.

Step 2: Develop a Tagline

Taglines are meant to capture the essence of your brand. So creating a memorable tagline is another key ingredient of your brand development. So when you create your logo you should at the same time be creating a tagline for your company.

Step 3: Develop a Color Scheme

When you create your logo you also need to consider the color scheme. Between your Digital materials and your print materials you’re going to use a lot of color and the colors you use can become synonymous with your business. For example Coca-Cola’s is red and white and Pepsi’s is red white and blue. So when we think of either product we also think of the color scheme.

Step 4: Develop a Voice

Give your brand a voice. Is your brand an upscale brand the needs an upscale voice? Is it more down-home and a bit relaxed? Or is it somewhere in between? Every business has a voice but you can determine what is.

Part 2: Spreading Your Brand

Step 1: Print Materials

Every business uses a number of print materials. From business cards and brochures to postcards, flyers and letterhead. Your logo should be on everything and your color scheme and tagline should be incorporated. If you invoice customers your logo should be on your invoices. Everyone uses business cards and your logo and colors need to be front and center. If you print it, your logo, colors and tagline should be on it.

Step 2: Digital Materials

If you have a Website, a Facebook page, a LinkedIn profile or a Twitter page your logo, colors and tagline should be on them. If you send out email then your signature line should include all three elements as well. If you have an e-brochure the same thing applies. Every time you interact with someone you have a chance to reinforce your brand. And 3 of the biggest elements of a brand are logo, colors, and tagline.

Be Consistent

The most important thing in brand development is consistency. Your logo, colors and voice need to be spread out across your market in a consistent manner. That way wherever someone sees you they immediately know who you are and what you do.

If you are interested in building a brand for your business and need help please call our office at 615-890-3600 or email us. All of our consultations are free and we always love meeting new people.

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2 thoughts on “Building Brand Consistency and Spreading the Word

  1. Great article, Cash! I came across it in our shared Score LinkedIn group. One thing you said I so agree with – the tagline. For years I just didn’t think about it, when I added The Power of Delegation to my printed and digital media, it stood out – both my current clients and even prospects mentioned it. The few words we concoct for our taglines immediately boost our images in the eyes of others.

    You don’t even think about it, but we know so many that are burned into our brains. GE, we bring good things to life. Stouffers, nothing comes closer to home. I didn’t even have to Google those two – that’s what a good tagline does. They become part of the identification of a brand.

    Great article!

    Patricia Nixon
    Nixon Virtual Strategies

    The Power of Delegation
    recognized by Forbes
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  2. This is a great summary of what it takes to build a consistent brand. My only comment is that I would change the order of the first four, and begin with the tagline and voice. If you start with a logo, it may be visually compelling, but does it speak to what your brand is about?

    Your business name, tagline and voice should inform your visual style, so they all reinforce each other. A memorable tagline or slogan that evokes a visual image should inspire your logo, so that your color scheme and design all carry the message.

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