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Adam Faragalli

Vice President

About Adam

Adam’s passion is helping clients harness the power of the Internet with comprehensive marketing strategies that yield the results they desire — an increase in customers and a strong, well-known brand. His devotion to clients and success is unparalleled throughout the industry. Adam thrives for digital marketing advancements and helping our team push the industry boundaries. His favorite aspect of being Vice President is the ever-changing daily experience. “Each day is different in some way — new accounts, new clients, new relationships, new challenges, new opportunities. In the end, what most excites me is the knowledge that I know we deliver real value for our clients.”

Did you know...?

Adam has ridden over 45,000 miles on motorcycles and visited 12 countries including Israel, Russia, Jamaica, Italy, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Spain, England, Canada, Germany and Texas (because Texas is clearly its own country!).

“Perception is Reality”