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Are You Hounded By Robocalls? So Are We.

Here at Titan Web Marketing Solutions, each day without fail, we receive multiple robocalls. If we had to estimate, on a good day we would receive around 8 calls. On a bad day, well we won’t go there. The number is jaw dropping.

Despite being on the ‘Do Not Call’ list, reporting multiple numbers, and ‘politely’ expressing our frustration with the rare human being on the phone, our office is still hounded day in and day out by automated sales calls of all kinds. In addition to simply being annoying, these calls add up and waste part of our day.

After being fed up once again, we decided to do a bit of research about the effectiveness of these calls and how we can attempt to stop receiving them at our office.

The FTC Conundrum

As a small business owner, you most likely also receive these dreaded calls throughout the day. To combat these calls, you have added your number to the Do Not Call list. Yet, the calls keep coming. Why is this? With 223 million phone numbers (and counting) on the Do Not Call list, why do telemarketers and robocalls continue to use these numbers without punishment?

According to WIVB, a Buffalo, NY news station, the federal government is able to fine telemarketers and companies using a robocall system up to $16,000 per call if they continue to violate their agreement not to call you. If this is the case, why haven’t these robocalls become extinct?

The answer relates to the lack of manpower within the Federal Trade Commission. With 200,000+ robocall and telemarketing complaints coming in per month, they simply do not have the resources and ability to go after each and every offender.

In fact, the FTC has taken only 112 enforcement actions against those who violate the Do Not Call list. With the limited manpower, the FTC targets the highest and strongest violators instead of the measly offenders with only a few complaints filed.

Bikram Bandy, the Do Not Call program coordinator with the Federal Trade Commission says the best action to take is to report, report, report. When you report a number associated with a telemarketer or robocall, it provides the FTC with valuable data. Every number you report is worth it. Who knows, perhaps the company and telephone number you report may be a part of a major operation, and you have helped to stop them.

Are robocalls actually worth it?

There have been studies upon studies completed about the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of robocalling. From a political standpoint and that of a business, robocalls serve different purposes. Because of their absurdly cheap price (each call can cost merely pennies), you can reach thousands upon thousands of people with your message.

However the catch is, will these individuals stay on the phone long enough to listen to your message, or will your reputation be damaged, since you are now seen as using just another shady sales tactic?

Is a robocall or telemarketing service a good move for your business? Well that’s your call (get it?). Simply because of the ridiculous annoyance and potential to tarnish your businesses reputation, we would highly advise against it. There are much better marketing techniques and strategies your small business can use than a telemarketing service.

Protect Your Business Against Dreaded Robocalls

Alas, there is something you can do to at least minimize your chance of receiving a robocall. Truthfully, you will most likely continue to receive sales calls from emotionless robots, but at a much slower rate.

  • Hang up on a robocall immediately. If you speak or press a number, it signals that your number is live, and you’ll end up receiving several more calls from that number or an associated number.
  • Use your caller ID. Don’t know the number? Don’t pick up!
  • List all of your phone numbers in the Do Not Call registry. There are still some telemarketers who are afraid of the list.
  • Report, report, oh and did I mention, report. The more you report a number or group of numbers, the higher chance they have of being caught by the FTC.
  • Sign up for a service such as Nomorobo. Be sure to shop around and find the anti-telemarketing service that works best with your phone plan and set up.

How many robocalls and telemarketing calls do you get per day? How have you tried to stop these annoying calls?

Update: June 18,2014 11:00 AM – We have received 9 robocalls in the past 25 minutes. See our point?

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