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7 Ways To Promote Your Business Using Print

You’ve probably heard that ‘print is dead’. Don’t listen to that nonsense! Print is alive and well, so long as you use it correctly. As a tangible marketing material, it’s actually more engaging and credible than the annoying pop-up online advertisement that your customers click out of immediately. Print materials can be used in numerous ways and combined with additional tactics. In fact, print materials are the perfect way to extend your branding strategy. From business cards to billboards, businesses are able to employ several types of print materials.

Business Cards

Ah, the classic business card. Once used as the cultural norm for networking and contacting business professionals, the business card has seemingly declined in importance in our digital business world.

Or has it?

Today, the business card is symbolic of genuinely reaching out and connecting with an individual. Sure, you can invite someone to connect on LinkedIn, but receiving an individual’s business card means you had a face-to-face interaction of some sort. In the technologically savvy business world of today, authentic business connections are sought out more than ever. Providing a business card as part of your interaction will extend your branding efforts and help your business gain a new client or connection.


Never under estimate the value of a flyer. You don’t need to have an employee standing in a shopping mall handing out coupons or flyers, but this inexpensive marketing investment can provide your business with multiple benefits. Whether you hang it up in your local coffee shop or pass it out at the most recent business networking event in your area, a flyer provides a tangible connection to your business and brand to an individual who may not have otherwise known about your business.


If your business needs to reach a mass amount of people at once, perhaps consider purchasing a billboard space in a heavily trafficked part of your city. Billboards allow business owners to promote their brand and a uniform message to a large amount of current and potential customers.

T-Shirts and Apparel

In addition to boosting company morale, providing your employees and their family or friends with branded apparel can easily promote your business wherever these individuals go! From grocery stores to community sporting events, your brand and business name will be seen across town by a number of residents.


Think about the amount of mail your business sends out, whether to clients or for operations purposes. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to put your brand on all of these notes, envelopes, thank you cards and more? By using a branded stationery set, your business brand and name will be seen by anyone receiving mail or notes from your business.


If you’d like to go the direct marketing route with your print marketing strategy, advertise your latest sale or event with a postcard to targeted customers in your local area. Print marketing combined with direct marketing is a very useful way to reach a specific group of potential customers and spark their interest about your company, products and services.

Presentation Folders

Some businesses are required to make presentations or pitch prospective clients about their products and services. When you need to make a spectacular first and lasting impression, provide your audience or potential client with a sleek and branded presentation folder complete with documents, printed information and more. This will not only make a great impression, but it will also extend your branding strategy even more.

Print marketing is a strong method for enhancing your branding strategy and awareness for your business. In addition, when combined with your online marketing strategies, your brand will be a force to be reckoned with. Remember to add your email address, website or other important links to any printed piece you may employ.

Learn more about the print marketing and design services available from Titan Web Marketing Solutions by contacting us today. Whether you need specially designed business cards or impressive presentation folders, we’ve got you covered.