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7 Social Media Blunders That Will Make You Scream 

We’ve all seen social media fails. With the freedom that social media provides to users, it is all too easy to royally mess up online. From unfortunate spelling errors to embarrassing family photos, there are far too many opportunities for individuals and businesses to ruin their reputation online via social media. 

For Halloween, we’ve compiled the top 7 social media blunders made by small businesses! These cringe worthy mistakes are enough to make any person run and hide in terror.

Using a Business Account like a Personal Account

Operating a personal account and a business social media account are two different processes.  When you have a personal social media account, you can say whatever you want! Freedom of speech! However, while you can legally say whatever you want with a business account, it is not in the best interest of your company. 

It is painful to watch a small business attempt to operate a business account the same exact way as a personal account. As a best practice, ask yourself the following questions every time you attempt to post on your business account:

  • Is this post of value to my audience?
  • Does this post use proper grammar, language and have the proper tone?
  • Is this post something my audience will engage with? 
  • Does this post relate to my business/industry/location at all?

When you use a social media account for your small business, you need to have a strategy. This includes focusing on your audience and representing your business in a professional manner. While your daughter’s 1st grade picture may be absolutely adorable, it does not belong on your business page.

Attempting to Use Social Media Advertisements Without Targeting Your Audience

Here at Titan Web Marketing Solutions, we’ve seen this occur with small businesses all too often. People see the flashy “boost” button and attempt to try it. When they throw money at the post and expect a significant result, they are often unsatisfied with the results.

Unfortunately, these clients miss a crucial step – targeting the proper audience. Many small businesses also make the mistake of targeting a broad audience. 

Don’t trick yourself into improperly targeting your ad this Halloween. Make sure your business receives an advertising treat by using the correct targeting features. 

Poorly Designed Cover Photos

Your social media accounts must have a professional appearance across all channels. Each account should have the same logo, color scheme and language. 

One of the most common mistakes made by small businesses on social media is the use of the cover photo. Some businesses use a picture of their family, others use a grainy image of their store, and others completely leave it blank! In the best interest of your brand and company, seek out the help of a social media expert or graphic designer to assist in the creation of social media imagery.

There’s nothing scarier than landing on a social media account with a zoomed in, fuzzy image as a cover or profile picture.

Liking Your Own Statuses

For some reason, many businesses owners feel the need to like their own social media statuses and updates. I’m not talking about from their personal account either. They like the update as the business. About three years ago, people began liking their own statuses in an attempt to improve their Facebook EdgeRank. Well my friend, that tactic is long gone and will not help you whatsoever. The only person it will make the post more visible to is you.

There is a common saying amongst social media professionals:

Liking your own Facebook status is the equivalent of giving yourself a high-five in public.

Moral of the story: liking your status isn’t helping your business or engagement. I’d just stop if I were you.

Forgetting What Account You’re Logged In As

This is the most prevalent social media mistake made by business professionals of every level. You want to tweet all about that awful experience you just had out to the world, so you take out your smartphone and get ready to tweet away. One crucial step that you forgot to take was to check which account you’re logged into. 

Many professionals manage several social media accounts. Remember to make sure that you are logged into, and thus posting as, yourself and not your business. Your business audience does not need to know how upset you are about the terrible dining experience you just had, especially if you plan on using vulgar language! 

Do yourself a favor and double check which count you are logged in as!

Using Your Business Page as a Soapbox

In the United States of America, we have a beautiful thing known as Freedom of Speech. While you have every right to use your business page as a soapbox for your opinions and values, it is best to use your personal account to do that. 

Unless your business is directly related to your personal opinions, values, and beliefs, use your business page to promote your company and engage with your targeted audience.

Incorrect Social Links

Always make sure that the social media icons on your website and emails link to the proper social media accounts! If they link to broken links, other websites, or somewhere else, it defeats the purpose. Also, unless you are the sole employee of your business, do not link to your personal accounts. Your brand and business will fare better with links directly to your business accounts.

Do these 7 social media blunders make you want to pull your hair out and scream every time you see them? Us too. If you need an example of how to properly use a social media account for your business, be sure to like the Titan Web Marketing Solutions Facebook page! We post our blog posts, fun happenings around our office, client success stories and more.

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