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7 Local SEO Tips for Small Business Owners

Entrepreneurs work hard. From dawn until dusk, you work hard to ensure the success of your small business. In today’s business environment, you naturally turn to digital marketing tactics to give your business the edge it needs to succeed.

Small businesses tend to be focused around a local area. With this in mind, one of the best digital marketing tactics in an entrepreneur’s toolbelt is local SEO. Local SEO involves using a multitude of techniques and high-quality content to help your business website in a specific geographic location. For instance, our business ranks for the phrase, “Web Design Murfreesboro, TN”, considering this is where we are physically located.

Small businesses need to rank on the “Big 3” search engines, The big three, of course, are Google, Yahoo, and Bing. But just making the decision to start your own local search campaign isn’t enough. You first need to organize your efforts with these 7 local SEO tips.

1. Claim Your Profile

I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s always worth repeating. You have to claim your Google, Yahoo, and Bing profiles before you can start to make beneficial changes and steps towards ranking locally for specific keywords. The sooner you do this the better. Each local SEO directory will require you to verify that you are the owner of this profile and therefore, small business. You can verify your profile (and existence) by answering a phone call or receiving a postcard in the mail with your verification code. Should you choose to receive the postcard, be patient — snail mail can take some time.

2. Claim Listings on Other Popular Directories

Due to the near endlessness of the Internet, there are numerous different websites known as directories that help with your local SEO efforts. It is in your best interest to create a listing for your business on each of these sites. Examples of popular directories can include Yellow Pages, Manta, Facebook, Yelp, and more!

Each local SEO listing you create is a point in your favor, so the more the better. It does take, but it is time well spent!

3. Add a Phone Number 

Your customers need to be able to reach you right?
When filing in your phone number, steer clear of 800 numbers. It is best to use a phone number with your local area code. After all, you are trying to rank locally! This practice helps to identify your business as being from the area that particular area code represents. If you want to list an 800 number make it an alternate or secondary phone number.

4. Add a Local Address 

In addition to your phone number, customers need to have the ability to identify your business location on a map. Make sure your address is correct on every listing you create. Always input the location information the same way across the board.

Don’t say “St.” on some listings and “Street” on others. Stay consistent in your local SEO efforts.

5. Upload Pictures

While pictures may not provide a user with contact information for your business, they do assist in building your local and online reputation and help entice customers to visit your store or purchase your product and/or service. Always upload high-quality pictures that represent your brand in the best light.

6. Ask for Reviews

This is like the old saying “Any publicity is good publicity”. Reviews are publicity and whether they are good or bad they help. Of course, we prefer good reviews over bad but at least they all help. You can use applications such as RevuCue to assist with your review generation tactics.

7. Keyword Tags 

Consider what a potential customer might type into a search engine to find your services and products in your local area. Then make sure you add the respective tags where possible to your listing. These keywords can be worked into the tagging options available on some listing websites, and also into your general business description. Remember to avoid stuffing the description since this is a malicious local SEO practice. A few of your most relevant keywords to describe your business will do just fine.

Starting Your Local SEO Tips on the Right Foot

Local SEO strategies take time and consistent effort. These 7 tips will help you build a local search marketing foundation. As a small business owner, you know the value that a local search ranking can provide. But honestly ask yourself, “Do I have the time and resources necessary to devote to local search marketing?”

If your answer is no, consider hiring a local SEO professional. The local search marketing experts at Titan Web Marketing Solutions know exactly what your business needs to rank for the proper keywords and terms in your local area.

If you’ve been thinking about using search marketing to market your local business or are already using it but haven’t gotten the results you expected give us a call at 615-890-3600 or use the form to email us. Search marketing works when it’s done right.