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6 Factors Holding Your Business Back From Online Success

In order to be successful in the business world of today, your business must be online. Your customers are online and therefore your business should be too. Whether you have an established online presence or are in the process of building your company website, there are six distinct factors that may be holding your business back from online success.

Failure to Communicate With Customers

Do your customers know that your business is online? Also, are they able to find your business online?

Just like you have to market and promote your company, you also have to market your online presence. There are multiple ways for you to promote your website or online channels:

These online and traditional marketing tactics will help spread the word about your company’s online presence. Once customers know and understand that they can find information about your company online and interact with your business through various social media channels, your online presence will grow to new heights.

Fear of the Unknown

For some small business owners, the online world is a scary place. This fear may cause business owners to avoid building a website, participating in social media, or putting their business information anywhere online. Clearly without an established digital presence, you cannot experience any form of online success.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: It’s not so scary here.

If you’re reading this blog post, you understand how to use the Internet to find information. Perhaps you found this blog post on Facebook, LinkedIn, or another social channel – proving that you understand the basics of social media. However, if you’re still scared of putting your business online, it’s time to triumph over your fear.

Some business owners are frightened by the thought of letting an online marketing company take care of their online presence. If this is the case with your business, remember that you have the ability to shop around and find a company you are comfortable working with. You are the expert in your business, and they are the experts at theirs. Their goal is to help your business flourish online and take the weight off of your shoulders so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

Not Doing Your Research

Some business owners have a “figure it out later” mentality, and dive into unknown online territory without properly doing their research. Unfortunately that mentality can wreak havoc on your online success.

For instance, you cannot manage a business social media account the same way you would a personal account. Cheeky statuses, pictures of your children, and viral videos are not considered the proper forms of content that should be posted on a business profile. Yet, without doing their research, many business owners assume that using a business social media profile is identical to managing a personal account.

If you do not do your research about search engine optimization, the fundamentals of website design, the best way to use social media as a business, and other online marketing concepts, you can end up damaging your online reputation in the long run.

Poor Website Design

Regardless of who created your website, if your website design is less than spectacular, it could have a direct connection to your lack of online success. If your website is outdated, slow, uninformative, or simply not aesthetically pleasing, it can drive customers away and influence your online presence.

Similar to doing your research, attempting to create a website yourself may not be the best route for your business. Website design professionals have the ability to turn your brand and company image into an interactive and engaging website that will convert leads into sales. With their talents in web design, they can also create a top notch website at a faster rate than the average individual.

Bad In-Store Practices

The digital world allows customers to express their views and opinions online. Essentially, it enables customers, whether unhappy or pleased, to take their digital bullhorn and blast their opinion about your business all over the Internet.

If your products are low quality and your customer service is inconsistent, the world will know via online reviews. These reviews can be detrimental and long lasting, so ensure that your in-store practices are stellar and instead translate into great reviews. Always strive to provide only the best products and services to your consumers with lasting customer service.

Failure to Coordinate Strategies

So, you’ve done your research online marketing strategies. Have you figured out how they all work together to create a cohesive and comprehensive online marketing strategy? One factor that impairs the online success of small businesses is the failure to coordinate their online marketing strategies. Similar to a brand strategy, an online marketing strategy must be consistent and interconnected. Your website, social media channels, search marketing efforts, branded materials and so much more should all work together to create a strong digital marketing strategy for your business.

If these six factors are holding your business back from online success, it’s time for a change. Enhance your company’s online presence by avoiding these pitfalls, doing your research and creating a comprehensive online marketing plan.

Not sure how to avoid these six factors? The online marketing professionals at Titan Web Marketing can create a detailed plan for you and your business that will launch you to online success. Give our office a call or fill out our handy online contact form today.