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4 Media Promotions That Were Massive Successes

This blog was written by Content Intern Murry Lee

If you were asked to name a candy bar, your first answers would likely be Snickers, Hershey’s, Butterfinger, and maybe Kit Kat. Odds are, your first answer would not be a Heath bar. “Oh wait, I love Heath bars,” thinks someone who is getting the wrong idea. There is nothing wrong them, but look up how many views a video or commercial about a Heath bar has received versus a Snickers “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” clip.

Part of having a brand is being recognizable, but that is only part of it. A brand also has to stay relevant and engaging. At Titan Web Marketing Solutions, we know that media promotion is a huge component of brand recognition. There are so many avenues in today’s digital world that offer ways for products to be seen and sold. These are some of our favorite media promotions that succeeded in just about every way.

Play a Coke

As a titan of the food industry, Coca-Cola could probably never address the public and still be one of the most, if not the most, recognizable drinks in the world. That being said, you can always count on their polar bear and Santa Claus commercials in the winter months. However, Coca-Cola has had several other promotions that somehow make them even more recognizable.


As a part of their “Share a Coke” campaign, Coca-Cola ventured into an almost uncharted territory for big companies. They used Spotify’s advertisements as a marketing route, and they made an official profile and began making their own playlists. They used ad time to give listeners quick examples of their jingles made for names that would be printed on the bottles, which were placed on their website along with hundreds of other names.


Another of Coke’s successes occurred in Canada. In the summer of 2016, Coke decided to test their “Play a Coke” idea. Basically, customers could download the app needed and then scan drink bottles to get access to playlists on Spotify that the companies had worked together to build. It was so successful that they earned over 170 million impressions in Canada alone, which vastly exceeded their expectations and caused their market value to increase by 4.9 points.


Everyone has their opinion of Nike and its swoosh. They have had their fair share of critics through the years, who have taken issue with several aspects of the clothing brand. In May of 2017, “Breaking2” put all of that on hold.

The goal was to do what several people considered impossible: finish a full marathon in under two hours. “Breaking2” was marketed as a test of the human potential, and Nike made sure that it was easily accessible across several platforms. Kenyan athlete Eliud Kipchoge came closest of the three runners, finishing in an incredible 2:00:25.

Despite being just shy of the goal, the event was a massive hit. Nike was sure that their product, the Nike Zoom VaporFly Elite, was showcased and marketed. Almost 20 million people watched the event live, and the hashtag generated more than 2 trillion interactions. The marathon may not have been finished as fast as people would have liked, but it’s doubtful that Nike complained about the results.

Eggo Stranger Things Spoiler Blocker

To be fair, Stranger Things handed this one to Kellogg. Eleven, one of the main characters of the Netflix original show, absolutely adores Eggos. The frozen waffles, which were already a famous breakfast item, took this golden egg and ran with it.

The promotion took place on Twitter. During the airing of the second season of the wildly popular show, Eggo tweeted humorous content and GIFs that coupled perfectly with the trending show. They also released nine recipes featuring their waffles, each one tied to a specific episode in the second season.

Some people may have even said Eggo went overboard with this social media promotion, especially after they made a waffle truck, similar to an ice cream truck. However, the truck was on site for the premiere of the second season of Stranger Things and was a massive hit.

The real showstopper was their spoiler blocker that they made available for download via a link on their Twitter. If anyone wanted to avoid seeing spoilers about Stranger Things, Eggo would block the content until you were ready to see it. The brand’s Twitter gained thousands of followers as a result of their efforts and the bone that Eleven threw them.

The Whopper Sign

It’s uncommon for a fast food chain to have a completely silent campaign. It’s even more uncommon for one to make people tear up. That’s exactly what Burger King did in 2016 for the National American Sign Language (ASL) Day. The king, the longtime mascot of the franchise, finally spoke, but he only communicated using sign language.

He asked for help, because there was no sign for the Whopper! The promotional video was touching, partly because of its complete silence. It spread across Facebook and other forms of media, generating over 200 million interactions and 120,000 shares. It received overwhelmingly positive feedback and was viewed more than 3 million times.

The sign that was eventually decided on was the first ASL sign created with the help of a brand. The sign is performed by holding one hand spread inches above the other in an expression of how big the Whopper is. The promotion was not Burger King’s only emotional play; they have also tackled anti-bullying before. Their social media presence has grown exponentially and their rapport with millennials in particular has escalated their franchise growth.

What did all of these successful media promotions have in common? At first glance, there do not seem to be many things shared, which is the key. The promotions worked because of what was lacking. Each of these campaigns took the focus off of the product. Offering other services or entertainment makes the brands seem more approachable and appealing. Coca-Cola offered music, Nike broadcasted a challenge, Eggo protected fans from spoilers, and Burger King raised awareness. The reputation of the brands was more important than the actual products.

Your business may not be as large and resourceful as Nike, but that does not exclude you from finding success in media. We use creative strategies and the tactics of other successful brands to help get you started, and no one knows marketing better than Titan. For more advice on how to stand out more in today’s media landscape, get in contact with us!

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