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3 Ways Print Marketing Outshines Digital Marketing

Have you heard that print marketing is dead? It is assumed that consumers don’t respond to it anymore, that it’s too expensive, and that you can’t personalize it — all of which are false. It’s a common misconception that print marketing is dead and gone; in fact, it’s thriving. Sure, it’s not the same as it was but it has changed and evolved with the times.

Modern marketing techniques tend to center on digital channels. However, don’t forget about the many uses and benefits of print marketing. There are many ways that you can use print marketing to best serve the needs and goals of your company. Digital marketing does not always surpass print marketing. Print marketing can provide three distinct advantages, where digital marketing has trouble competing.

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Small Businesses Have An Advantage

Small businesses are vital to the success of a community. It is becoming more and more popular to show your support for small businesses. Networking with other small businesses is important and a great way to do this is through print marketing options such as brochures, posters, flyers, postcards, and catalogs. Networking with print marketing materials can be accomplished in various ways, such as:

  • Promoting your products or services by dropping off print marketing materials to other local businesses and vice versa.
  • Setting up a booth at a local event and hand out print marketing materials or samples.
  • Using direct mail to be sent to local residents who are in your target market. 

Also, some consumers would rather go to a physical store than a website. They prefer going to the store so that they can see, touch, sample, and ask questions about your products or services in person. Sometimes it can be very impersonal to go to a website and browse through endless amounts of products, especially if you are unsure about your purchase. Print marketing allows you to reach a new demographic of individuals who don’t use the Internet as much and would rather visit the actual store.

Print Marketing Provides That Extra Attention Customers Crave

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By mailing your customers a little something in the mail, you can easily show them how much you care about them and appreciate their patronage in your store. Whether you thank them for their business, send coupons, or remind them of upcoming sales, they will appreciate that you sent them something in the mail.

However, remember to be careful and avoid overloading your customers with mail. Too much mail will cause dissatisfaction and annoyance. The goal of using print marketing is to let the customer know that you are aware of their loyalty, and not spam them with hundreds of print pieces regularly.

If you are able to, personalize the letters, cards, or flyers you send to customers. For instance, I received a handwritten card from the shop where I purchased my wedding dress. It was personalized, written by the sales woman who assisted me in trying on a slew of dresses, thanked me for choosing their business, and wished me a happy wedding day. It was a really sweet and simple effort but it went a long way. It showed me that they really cared about me and because of that simple gesture I recommended them to several friends. This personal example perfectly illustrates how digital marketing just isn’t the same as receiving a personalized card in the mail. What’s more personal, a quick email message or a though out thank you card?

The Opportunity to Expand Your Target Market

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There is no question that there are two types of people in the world: those who live in the digital age and those who prefer the “old fashioned” way – physical newspapers, books, magazines, etc.

Depending on your business, you may not be just targeting the youngest generation, which is geared more towards technology. Perhaps you are targeting a more mature group of consumers who either don’t have a lot of time for the Internet or don’t prefer it. Or, maybe your target market does take the time to sit down and read the newspaper or a magazine every day. Regardless, there is a way to reach your market through print marketing!

What if you want to expand your target market? If your marketing relies heavily on digital tactics, you may be missing a whole group of potential customers. You may want entertain the idea of using various print marketing strategies and cast a wider “customer net”. Using print media to reach a new demographic could put you a step ahead of your competition, which may only digital marketing and nothing else! 

Let Us Help You With Your Print Marketing Needs

There are many benefits and uses of print media. It may not be as popular as digital marketing, but it definitely outshines it in many aspects and has longevity for a reason. Try making use of print marketing where you are able to and combine it with your current digital marketing endeavors, and you’ll see fantastic results. A successful company makes use of all of its available resources to get the best possible result and print marketing is still one of them.

If you are ready to start implementing print pieces within your company, contact our team at Titan WMS today to get started.

This blog post was written by Titan Web Marketing Solutions intern, Brittany Stevenson.