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3 Tips on Creating a Viral Video for Your Business

Much like traditional newspaper readers, those who click on online videos have about only a 10-second attention span, reports Forbes. After a minute, almost half of those who stuck around will move on as well. So, if you’re thinking of creating a viral video for your business, you better know what you’re doing. Your strategy should include these three essential steps: Have a concise plan, be creative and edit, edit, edit:

Have a concise plan

If it’s so hard to keep a viewer’s attention, why bother with viral videos at all, especially when even the best businesses that create viral videos are only 0.3 percent successful? Because when your video is done right and it actually goes viral, it pays off in more ways than just the number of “thumbs up” it receives from viewers. Your brand will be seen by so many sets of eyes and get so much new interest that any other kind of advertising pales in comparison. Once it’s out there (and it’s done right), it will be like a stone on a never-ending hill, continuously rolling along on its own, being viewed, shared and commented on across the globe.

There are a number of ways to make a viral video, but you need to be sure you are planning a viral video and not a promotional video for your company. With viral videos, a company’s name and logo usually aren’t shown until the end. If all you want is to showcase your company, then a viral video isn’t what you want. Your video should portray your brand, but not be too promotional. In other words, you want your brand’s personality to come out without the hard sell.

Part of your marketing plan should include being fluid in social media. The more active fans and friends you have on Instagram and Facebook, the more likely your video will be seen, shared and start the path towards a viral success.

Don’t forget to have an up to date, professionally designed website as well. The last thing you want is to send all of your video viewers to a website with outdated content, broken functionality, and an embarrassing design.

Be creative and timely

The best viral videos tap some kind of emotion in its viewers. Whether it is shocking, adorable, hilarious or intense, your video needs that hook to grab a viewer’s attention and generate a reaction that is shared with their network of friends. It has to be enjoyable, engaging and informative content with action, positivity and inspiration, suggests Fast Company.

Just because the video is finally done doesn’t mean it’s ready to upload and be released. You have to be timely. One good way to get your video to go viral is to ride the coattails of what’s trending and what your targeted audience is interested most about now. If you create a parody of Lord of the Rings, for example, maybe wait until the opening day of the next Hobbit movie, when interest in “Middle Earth” is at its highest, to release your video.

Edit, Edit, Edit

Run time is one of the biggest concerns when creating a successful viral video. If you can’t win your audience within 10 seconds, your video is already a failure. But you must also consider other elements once the draft video is complete. The success of a viral video comes down to the details. Your title length, for example, can turn people off if it is too long. Keep your title relevant, short and sweet.

Avoid monotone, one-frame shots. Instead of a long, ongoing shot of someone angry at his desk, mix it up with fun video clips of a cityscape or animals acting wild to express an emotion in the video, for example. Add background music to the video and build up the element of surprise or irony. You want the video to be short, sweet, concise and entertaining from start to finish. Editing out longer parts can make a significant difference in keeping the attention of the viewer, and name-dropping your brand should come in only after the climax of the story has revealed itself.

Let a Professional Take Care Of Your Video Production

Unless you went to school for cinematography or video production, your best bet is to allow a professional take care of creating your viral video. These experts know exactly how to create a video that will captivate audiences and go viral. It’s in your best interest to trust a professional instead of trying to film with an iPhone and edit on Windows Movie Maker.

Titan Web Marketing Solutions can help you with all of your video production needs. Call us today at 615-890-3600 to learn how we can create a viral video for you!