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3 Reasons You Should Run from a Fiverr Logo Design

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Six years ago, the biggest threat and insult imaginable hit designers around the world: the 5 dollar logo provided by the company Fiverr. Fiverr is an online marketplace that offers creative services such as logos, voice overs, proofreading, voice harmonies, and more. These services will typically start at 5 dollars and increase for a shorter delivery date. For some industries, Fiverr creates a convenient avenue to sell odd services (such as voice overs). But logo design is a service that should never have been an option to be offered. So why are so many businesses buying into the Fiverr logo design? Because they’re cheap and convenient. The real question to ask is, why shouldn’t businesses be using Fiverr to get a logo?

What A Logo Is Meant to Do

In order for the following reasons to make sense for why you shouldn’t get a Fiverr logo, you need to understand a logo’s purpose and importance to your business. First, a logo is your customers’ first impression of you. It’s an emotional connection between them and your brand. And second, a logo should be your foundation. It’s one of the first steps of branding your business. Your whole image, from business cards to marketing materials, will have to reflect your logo in some way.

Do you really want your whole brand to be based on a stock image countless others have also been given for their logo? Because that’s what most Fiverr logo designs are. They’re a stock image with your business name typed up next to it. That’s not a professional logo. Take a look at the logos of companies who definitely paid more than 5 dollars for their design.

A good logo should be:

  • Professional
  • Unique/Original
  • Long-Lasting

Can’t get that from Fiverr.

You Get What You Pay For

You know how when you get a cold cheeseburger from McDonald’s, you aren’t too upset? That’s because you barely spent over a dollar for it. But when you go to a nice restaurant and order a 20 to 30 dollar steak, you end up sending it back just for being slightly the wrong shade of red. With investment comes expectations. Your 5 dollar logo will be “edible” but not very good. Your more expensive logo, however, can be sent back as many times as you need to in order to make it perfect for your business. When you pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a logo, you’re paying for time and quality effort. You’re paying for a design specific to you, your company, and its goals.

When paying for a Fiverr logo design, on the other hand, you’re paying for the price of a stock image and a minute of someone’s time. In that minute, they’ll then stick your business’s name on something that will speak to no one. Which would you prefer?

Logo Design Takes Time…and Money

To get a good logo design, you have to pay for the time it takes for a quality logo to be created. That time is spent researching you and your competitors while creating a solution that will work best with who you are and what message you are trying to convey. A professional designer will then spend a few hours sketching out multiple ideas they like as well as ideas you might like. Off all those ideas, you get to choose your favorite. You get to throw out whatever you don’t like, and your designer will keep spending as much time as needed to perfect your design.

So imagine all of that took a total of 15 hours of a designer’s time. At minimum wage, that’s a little under 150 dollars. Odds are, a professional designer isn’t going to settle for minimum wage, nor should they. Fast food workers shouldn’t be making more than a creative who pours out their brain for every client. Plus, the cost of a design isn’t just going toward the designer. It’s also going to maintain the equipment and software it takes to create that design. Those could include things such as Adobe Illustrator (not cheap) or a Wacom tablet (also not cheap). So never say 200 dollars for a logo design is a rip-off. That’s actually pretty cheap.

Fiverr Didn’t Go To School for Logo Design

Even if those you hire on Fiverr did get a design degree, they aren’t using that knowledge to make your logo. It wouldn’t be worth their time. If they spent just ten hours to give you a decent custom logo, they’d only be making 50 cents an hour. Since 5 dollars isn’t even enough to cover an hour of work, a Fiverr “designer” may only spend up to 15 minutes on your project. You really do get what you pay for.

A good designer, however, would do the research about your business. They would take into consideration specific colors and shapes common for your industry. While you want your business to stand out, you don’t want it to look like it belongs in a different industry.

The only reason to ever succumb to paying for a Fiverr logo design is if you want something like a school project to look cool. But if you ever want what your logo stands for to become anything, you’ll invest in a quality, professional design.

To get a professional logo for your business, contact us today or view our logo portfolio to see what we can do for you!

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