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3 Reasons Why Content Helps the Success of any Marketing Plan

No matter how much money you are spending on your marketing campaign, if you aren’t delivering quality content, you are wasting a precious resource: money.  Whether your marketing effort consists of a bare-bones Facebook page, or a full-fledged plan across all online mediums to build a globally established brand, content is essential to creating a steady client base.


No matter which effort you choose to partake in, we at Titan Web Marketing Solutions believe that content is a vital factor to the success of any marketing campaign.

Content Builds Transparency

Building a friendly relationship with each customer that walks through the door of your business will entice them to become repeat customers, and refer your business to their friends.  Having a presence on the various social media platforms will aid in building a relationship with the customers.  It is said that 7 out of every 10 consumers are more likely to use a local business if it has information available on a social media site (comScore Networks/TMP Directional Marketing). Using tools such as Facebook and blog posts to deliver content to your customers will further build a loyal relationship and keep your business transparent to the consumers. 

Content such as photos, videos and blogs are a great way to show your audience what happens during the day-to-day business operations. Many companies even use content to showcase their employees so the audience can put a face to the name. If you’re looking to improve your overall company transparency, using content will certainly help.

Content Builds Trust

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When deciding which business to purchase goods and service from, customers often look at how much they trust that brand. Creating content helps build trust with your audience and allows you to connect with your consumer before they ever step foot in your door.

Use Facebook or any other social media platform to post pictures, sales and specials, friendly reminders, videos, links and other types of content for your audience to interact with.

Another trust factor related to content is responding to consumer needs and complaints, especially on social media platforms. A research study by Edison Research determined that 42 percent of consumers complaining on social media expect 60 minute response time.  By using social media for your content distribution and engagement efforts, you can address all complaints efficiently and effectively. 

Lastly, consider your website as the central hub for your business, and use social media, blogs, and other forms of content as a way to guide traffic back to that website. Simply put, all of your content drives customers (and their trust) back to your website, where you can convert them from a lead to a sale.

Content Separates You From the Competition

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All too often, small businesses are forced to close their doors due to a lack of funds and customers.  Big box stores spend millions on their marketing efforts annually in order to further establish their brand.  Typically, a small business doesn’t have millions to spend on marketing, making every dollar much more crucial to their overall success.

Odds are, there are several businesses in your region that provide the same goods and services that you do, so your job is to separate yourself from the rest through the creation and distribution of content.  Through excellent customer service, you lay the groundwork for building a steady client base.  Incorporate a smart marketing campaign that is driven by great content, and you will be converting one-off buyers into loyal customers.

Using content as an additional means of interacting with the consumer will help your business build a loyal and consistent client base.  The more relevant content you deliver, the more benefit you (and the client) will receive. 

Interested in a full-fledged social media marketing campaign to help further establish your brand?  Contact Titan Web Marketing Solutions today for all your marketing needs!

Written by Content Writing intern, Michael Davidson.