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Your business has a defined target audience all living within a specific geographic area.

Those potential leads all have smartphones, tablets, and laptops and search day in and day out for information, entertainment, and most importantly — businesses.

Google’s algorithm specifically pulls local information based off of the searcher’s current location. This local information is presented in the form of a map listing. If you don’t show up on that map listing, good luck getting the attention of your audience.

Regardless of the technology you use, search engines provide local results based off of your location and IP address. You need to guarantee that your business shows up in those vital local results and brings leads to your store and website.

As your marketing team, we’re here to help you accomplish just that.

Optimized Map Listings

It’s not enough to just claim your listing, you need to guarantee it contains the following items:

  • Business Name, Address, and Phone Number
  • Specific Keywords and Phrases
  • Customer Reviews
  • Your Website URL
  • And More

Customers have the ability to contact your business right from the listing, so we’ll make sure it’s 100% correct.

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Keywords and Phrases

As the bread and butter of search marketing, our team works diligently to place these keywords/phrases strategically throughout your website. From the content read by potential leads, to the back-end technical data, you can have confidence that your website contains the keywords that will help you rank higher within your local community.

Increase Your Online Visibility

We make sure your business can be found locally, which includes submitting your business information to popular directories including Manta, Superpages, Whitepages, and more. This ensures that your company is visible across the entire Internet and is able to drive leads directly to your website.

Consistent Reporting

Every month, you’ll speak and/or meet with our local search marketing team to discuss the results of your campaign and the steps needed to improve your rate of leads and ranking. With local search marketing, we tend to see valuable results within 3-6 months (dependent upon industry, goals, and location).

If you aren’t on the map, your local customers can’t find you online. We’ll make sure you’re on the map and more.

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